What Is the Best Natural Toothpaste?


Perhaps the most important part of your overall oral health routine is brushing your teeth. You've been brushing your teeth and using all kinds of toothpaste for a very long time that you don't even think about what's in your toothpaste.

Unfortunately, many popular toothpaste brands contain nasty chemicals like parabens, SLS, triclosan, propylene glycol and many more. These chemicals and substances are considered toxic and may lead to serious health conditions.

Health experts have spoken out against conventional toothpastes, stating that they contain many harmful chemicals that could be potentially damaging to the human body. It is important to consider what enters your mouth on a daily basis and ask yourself if it's what you want going into your body.

Due to growing concerns regarding these chemicals in traditional toothpastes, natural toothpastes are becoming popular each year. Generally, these toothpastes are just as good as conventional toothpastes in terms of helping you maintain a healthy oral hygiene. And most of them don't even contain any animal-derived ingredients which make them suitable for vegans.

Trying a natural toothpaste can be intimidating, as there are so many different kinds in the marketplace today. It can also be difficult to know which brand or product is best to buy. You might ask yourself if one is really better than another.

So let's take a look at some of our favourite natural toothpaste.

NFco Original Toothpaste

NFco is a range of 100% Australian-made natural toothpastes that actively care for your teeth, gums and mouth. Their toothpastes don't contain any nasty chemicals, harsh abrasives, parabens or artificial colours.

NFco Original Toothpaste is made from pure and natural ingredients – the same ones found in nature. These ingredients have been carefully chosen because they actively care for your teeth and gums; fluoride free, SLS free, alcohol free, vegetarian friendly and vegan friendly.

Ben & Anna Cinnamon Tooth Powder

Ben & Anna Cinnamon Tooth Powder is a super-healthy natural tooth powder. It contains special forumation of cinnamon bark powder which is known for its natural cleaning and antibacterial properties. It comes in a glass jar that you can recycle or repurpose when its empty. And it's just as good as conventional toothpaste in providing superb oral care without the nasties that come with it.

Eco Living Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride Tin

If you want to get rid of plastic toothpaste tubes and start living waste free, then we highly suggest checking out Eco Living's Toothpaste tables that come in a refillable metal tin container. Instead you chew the toothpaste table and brush your teeth and gums as usual.

These toothpaste tablets are fluoride-free and other nasty chemicals normally found in conventional toothpastes. They're 100% vegan too!

Green People Peppermint And Aloe Vera Natural Toothpaste

Green People Peppermint & Aloe Vera Toothpaste is certified organic, it contains only natural ingredients that are excellent for keeping your mouth and teeth clean but without the nasty chemicals. It's free from parabens, fluoride and SLS so you know that you're only using a safe toothpaste when doing your usual oral hygiene routine. Its fresh refreshing peppermint flavour will leave your mouth feeling clean and tingly.

NFco Sensitive Toothpaste

NFco Sensitive Toothpaste is a highly recommended toothpaste for people who have sensitive teeth and gums. Besides their usual formulation of 70% organic ingredients and natural Australian rivermint gives their toothpastes a distinct refreshing minty flavour, this toothpaste contains potassium nitrate which helps relieve discomfort from sensitive teeth and gums. Perfect toothpaste for the whole family.

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