What Is the Best Reusable Coffee Cup?

Choosing the best reusable coffee cup for you

What's the best reusable coffee cup? This is a tough question and so an easier place to start is probably the best reusable coffee cup that meets your needs. For the drink you love best, the way you use it, your budget and your sense of style.

There is some potential confusion between what would be classed as a reusable coffee cup and what would be classed as a travel mug. We have already focused on the reusable takeaway style cups, but for the purpose of this article we are going to broaden our scope.

This means that some of the options we look at are very similar in style to a disposable coffee cup and others are more like a flask. The best cup for you will depend on how you want to use it.

How do you want to use your coffee cup?

Do you want a reusable coffee cup that you can essentially use just like a disposable cup? You hand it over to the barista, they fill it with your favourite coffee and you start drinking it straight away or carry it back to your desk.

If this is the case then a cup that is lightweight and compact or a pleasure to drink from might be more important than a cup that will keep your coffee hot for hours in the bottom of your handbag.

Do you need a cup for your daily commute that will fit in the cup holder in the car and keep your coffee hot?

In this case, you're likely to want a cup that is easy to sip from, narrow enough to fit in your cup holder and insulated enough that your coffee stays hot if you don't get a chance to drink it when you are driving.

The same requirements might be required for the school run, a trip out with the family or even just drinking a coffee at home when you know you may well get distracted before you even take your first sip.

Finally you might want to be able to make yourself a coffee before you leave the house and drink it when you get to where you're going. This means you need a cup that is both leak-proof and insulated.

The best disposable style reusable coffee cups for a fabulous drinking experience.

If you want a really gorgeous coffee cup to grab a takeaway on your way to work or for a mid-morning meeting then we love the Keep Cup and Neon Kactus. Both are made of glass and give a very pure drinking experience making them perfect for coffee connoisseurs. Plus they can go in the dishwasher which is extremely handy.

If you are worried about bashing a glass cup (they are toughened so stronger than you might imagine) we highly recommend the rcup. This revolutionary cup is made of recycled disposable coffee cups and it's leakproof, meaning you don't need to worry about popping it in your bag when you are finished or even full.

If you are not a fan of drinking through a small hole in a plastic lid a personal favourite is the U-Konserve insulated tumbler. This is a beautiful and very stylish cup, it's insulated so will keep your coffee hot (or your gin/wine cold), it has a very fine lip making it great to drink from and it goes in the dishwasher!!

These cups are really compact and lightweight so great to have in your bag. However, due to the tulip shape, they do not fit in a standard cup holder so if you want a cup for the car this is not the cup for you.

Another great cup which is super handy for keeping in your bag or the glove box of your car so you never get caught without a reusable cup is the Pokito collapsible cup. This cup won't keep your coffee hot and it doesn't look nearly as sexy as some of the cups we offer, but it squashes down really tiny, goes in the dishwasher, is made in the UK and can be 8oz, 12oz, or 16oz depending on your preference.

The best reusable cup for your daily commute

We think if you want a great cup for your daily commute this should be insulated, fit in a cup holder and make you smile. Fosh, Chilly's and Klean Kanteen tumblers all meet these requirements perfectly. They are all beautifully designed and made and so the choice really is down to your prefered aesthetics.

If you are not so worried about your drink staying hot for hours Rcup is also a great choice. It will still keep your coffee hot for much longer than a disposable cup. Plus it's leakproof and has 360-degree drinking which means that you are much less likely to get your drink down your front.

If you have a big cup holder, or don't need your cup to be able to fit in a cup holder then the Klean Kanteen TK-Wide with cafe cap is a brilliant travel mug that ticks all the boxes. It's insulated and will keep your drink hot for hours, it is leak-proof and it's easy to drink from on the go.

The best reusable coffee cup to throw in your bag

Having a leak proof cup is brilliant for all sorts of situations.

If cost is a factor then Rcup is a great choice. They have a fantastic design, are affordable and made of recycled materials.

If you want stainless steel then you have two options. First the Klean Kanteen TK wide with cafe cap. This is a fantastic bottle for hot or cold drinks, you can even use it for soup, hot dogs, or ice cream.

Secondly, when you want leakproof and great insulating properties, Chilly's, Klean Kanteen and FOSH all have insulated bottles that are just as good for piping hot coffee as they are for ice-cold water. You have to take the lid off first which will put some people off but if that doesn't worry you they are a really versatile option.

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