What Kind of Toys Does a Newborn Need?

Babies are bundles of joy and cuteness but they need newborn toys to be entertained and to help them develop their skills. Toys help babies develop mentally, physically, and emotionally in the early months and years of life. For example, they can develop their fine motor skills as well as eye hand coordination by playing with these toys. So you want your child to have access to stimulating toys that develop thinking, social skills, language and imagination. However, keep in mind that babies go through many developmental stages, and at each stage toys will have a unique purpose. They also love to explore their surroundings. They need them constantly, grabbing them, holding them, chewing on them, and tossing them in the air.

Baby Rattles

Newborn babies often need something which can grab their attention and stimulate their senses. A baby rattle is a very old toy that simply consists of a ball or other small item that makes noise every time it is moved, shaken, or rolled, giving the baby an opportunity to learn about the relationship between his movements and the resulting sound. This is why it is a good toy for babies.

Baby rattles are probably the most popular baby toys around and considered to be one of the best toys for newborns.These toys promote a baby’s intellectual and physical development. These toys have been around for many years and their purpose and value as early developmental toys remain the same. Rattles come in a wide range of forms, shapes, colours and materials. Some are more expensive than others and they all vary in quality as well. Reading reviews from other parents as well as doing your own research are only a few of the things you need to do before deciding what rattle to buy for your newborn.


Teethers or teething toys are good toys especially when your baby starts teething. These toys do not totally take the pain away but help in relieving the pressure in your baby’s gums as she chomps away the teething toy which could result in reduced pain and discomfort. Babies are often irritable so keeping them distracted and entertained can make the entire teething process easy and less stressful for both of you.

Activity Play Gym

When your baby starts her tummy time, it is nice to have an activity play gym. Most activity play gyms feature a few selection of toys that are guaranteed to entertain and train your baby’s physical skills. This is the time that babies start to explore their surroundings more and they use their hands, fingers and mouths to get the feel of objects and toys around them. Choose an activity play gym that grows with your children and helps them achieve developmental milestones.

Soft Toys

Soft dolls, plushies and stuffed toys are good toys to provide company and cuddly hugs for your baby. However, make sure that these toys are not too large for your baby and they do not have any detachable parts that could be potential choking hazards.


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