What Lip Balm Should You Use


There are many reasons why a person has dry or chapped lips. Eating habits like regularly consuming spicy foods or drinking alcoholic beverages can cause dryness of the lips. Likewise, cold, humid and hot weather conditions can also cause dry lips as well as a nasty habit of repeatedly licking the lips for no apparent reason.

Dry and cracked lips is something most of us have experienced. It’s a very uncomfortable situation to be in and quite frustrating too if you tried your very best to lick your lips as much as you can but you still feel dry. It’s very annoying and embarrassing if you’re talking to someone and you constantly lick your lips.

Fortunately, dry and chapped lips are easy to deal with. You can drink plenty of liquids to keep your body hydrated. Or you can use a lip balm whenever you feel your lips are dry.

There are different kinds of lip balms. All of them have something in common - they’re used to moisturise the lips. However, they’re different in ingredients, efficacy and how long they’ll last on your lips.

So let’s take a look at these lip balms.

Natural Lip Balms

From the term itself, natural lip balm is made from natural ingredients. Most of these lip balms are produced by artisans and small businesses using their own recipes. They come in ecofriendly packaging too which is totally great.

If you’re worried about what goes into your lips when you apply a lip balm, as you should, you might be interested in making your own lip balm. Yes, you can make your own lip balm at home. There are many tutorials, online guides and recipes you can use as a reference. One clear upside of making your own lip balm is that you get to pick the ingredients so you know there aren't going to be any nasties.

Some of the most favoured natural ingredients used in making natural lip balms are coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and cocoa butter. Many other companies include other natural ingredients to their secret recipe to make their products stand out from the competition.

While most makers of natural lip balms are honest with the ingredients they use, you should still make your own research on the reputation of these companies, regardless whether they're big or small. In today’s digital age, all the information you need is at your fingertips so take some time and do your own research and read online reviews.


Medicated Lip Balms

Medicated lip balms are the same as regular lip balms but with more potent ingredients. They were formulated to speed up healing of cracked lips. This means most of them contain higher amounts of ingredients than the usual lip balms. You can buy a medicated lip balm made entirely from natural ingredients or formulation of both natural and synthetic ingredients.

These lip balms can also come mentholated and non-mentholated. So best choose the one that’s right for you. If you’re allergic to menthol or alcohol, better choose the non-mentholated one.

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