What Makes Djeco Toys So Good?

Why are Djeco toys good?

Djeco Toys are quite simply stunning. Djeco is a French toy brand who make a huge range of really high quality and undeniably beautiful toys.

The style of their toys really makes them stand out from the crowd but they don’t put beauty ahead of either function or safety. Every toy, art set, puzzle and decorative item in their range is exquisitely designed and rigorously tested for safety and quality.

The Djeco Story

Founded in 1954 Djeco was then and remains today a family company, handed down from mother to son. Véronique Michel-Dalès founded her small toy company at a time when few women were embarking on such adventures and started with a range of educational games that were intelligent and fun at the same time.

The company took a break as son Frédéric grew up until in 1989 he decided to restart the company bringing with him considerable artistic talent and a dream to create beautiful toys that did not yet exist in France or elsewhere.

They now have a whole team of artists and illustrators that work closely alongside toy designers to create unique toys, puzzles, games and craft kits that inspire artistry, creativity and imagination through play.

Toys That Stand Out

Whether you are looking for baby toys or puzzles and crafts for older children Djeco toys stand out for the beauty of their design and the incredible attention to detail. They take the mundane and make it fabulous and funky in a way that instantly appeals to both children and their parents.

Never have a set of stacking blocks been so appealing. With sets that include animals and their houses or numbers for counting they are guaranteed to inspire so much more than just building a tower.

If you are looking for a puzzle, a pull-along animal, a magnetic fishing game or any number of other classic toys and games we highly recommend you check out Djeco first. The take these classic toys and give them an artistic and often whimsical twist that makes them feel really special. And of course, the high quality and funky designs make their toys the perfect gifts for children of all ages.

If you are looking for a gift for older children we highly recommend their beautiful puzzles, art sets or the new Zig and Go sets. These action and reaction construction games offer the quality and design you would expect from Djeco. They introduce children to the concept of connected movement and are the perfect STEM activity to keep them entertained away from their screens.

Djeco Quality and Safety

And it’s not just the beauty of the toys that make Djeco stand out, it’s their commitment to quality and safety as well.

These are toys that are made to be played with and made to last. And it’s the little things that you notice, the fact that the puzzle pieces are the perfect size for little hands and fit beautifully together in the most satisfying way.


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