What Should I Buy for a Christmas Gift for Dad?

Christmas Gifts for Dads

Dads are special, and each holiday gives us a chance to celebrate with them and appreciate them. Nonetheless, dads are still men, and choosing the perfect gift for them is not easy. Luckily, Baba Me has an excellent collection of sustainable Christmas gifts for him that will make Christmas extra special for Dad.

Quality eco-green Gifts for Dad

Whether they are simple or luxurious gifts, our collection comes from some of the best eco-friendly brands. So if you want to make Christmas special for Dad while sustaining the earth, Baba Me is the right place to be.

Cosy Gifts

Nothing will make your Dad happier than getting him a lovely wool hand woven jumper. Grab him a Byron Bay half zip hood from Pachamama and watch his heart warm as he tries it out. Add the Chamox Merino Handwarmer and Bobble Beanie to make his Christmas extra warm. These gifts will come in handy if Dad loves camping or hosting holiday bonfires out in the open.

You can even get him the holiday special Christmas Noel hat if he loves playing Santa.

Shaving Kit

Dad probably loves to keep his face clean-shaven. Well, if he does, the classic Air Mid Wet Shaving Kit is one of the best gifts he’ll get this Christmas. Complete with a shaving soap and wooden shaving brush, this set comes in a beautiful package that will leave dad speechless. You don’t have to get the full set; Baba Me also has quality shaving products. Safety razors from Norse an excellent gift, and shaving soaps too.

Beard care bundle

If dad has a long beautiful beard, getting him a beard bundle is a great Christmas gift Idea. Norse beard care products are a favorite among men of all ages. Another fantastic brand to consider is Bebecos- he will love to see it when he opens his gift.

Beard oils like Trevano Sandalwood and Bergamot beard oil will take his grooming to a whole other level. The oil has all the correct ingredients for a healthy beard, is organic, handmade, and uses sustainable ingredients. Another excellent oil for dad is the Smokey Jones Conditioning Beard Oil, which has a sweet masculine aroma.

Another great beard care gift you can pair with a beard care bundle is Norse Activated Charcoal Beard Wash. He probably has never tried that one before, but he will love it.


Nothing shows love and appreciation while maintaining simplicity as well as a lovely pair of Socks. Men will always have space for an extra pair of socks, and dad is no exception. Get him a couple or three from our excellent collection of Socks from the brand Thought. He will indeed have you in his thoughts for as long as the gift lasts.

Water Bottles and Coffee cups

Water bottles are excellent gifts, especially if he loves going to the gym or cycling long distances. FOSH line of water bottles is appropriate for such a man, and he will appreciate getting one. If he loves coffee, a reusable coffee cup from the same brand or Klean Kanteen will be met with lots of love.

Final take

Dads are special. As you plan to celebrate them this Christmas, do it with love. You don’t have to find them an expensive gift, a thoughtful gift like a pair of socks will easily warm their hearts.


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