What Things Do New Mums Need?


Becoming a mum, whether it’s for the first time or not, can be amazing and challenging in equal measure. There is no manual, every baby is different, and it can be hard to prepare. However, there are certainly a few mum gifts that could make life easier and a few things that many new mums would consider valuable if not essential in those first few days and weeks.

Practical Gifts that New Mums Really Need

Ask any new mum what she needs and sleep is probably pretty high on the list. Sleep can be hard to come by with a new baby, and it’s not something you can but in a shop. However, there are things you can give that will help her snatch a few moments.


Whether it’s a meal you have cooked yourself or a good quality ready meal, providing a meal that requires no more effort than turning on the oven and setting a timer can be a real blessing to new mums.

As well as meals, easy to eat snacks are also really needed as it’s amazing how much more often you need to eat when you are feeding another human and generally pretty sleep deprived.

A Travel Mug and Sports Bottle

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water or juice. Whatever her liquid of choice hydration is vital and it can be really frustrating when you can’t reach your drink cos you are under a sleeping baby, or you’ve finally made yourself a cup of tea after boiling the kettle five times only to get to drink it cold as you had to change a nappy.

Insulated cups are great for keeping drinks hot or cold. And a sports top bottle means you can drink even if you are lying down with a sleeping baby on your chest. You might think you’d never want to drink tea through a straw but sometimes needs must.

Easy Self Care

Bath salts and body creams are lovely but sometimes getting the chance to wash your hair feels like a miracle and so a nice bottle of dry shampoo could be a much more practical gift. That and a good nipple cream and stretch mark lotion.

Muslins and Reusable Wipes

A ready supply of muslins is a very practical gift for new mums. They can be used for so many things and you really can’t have too many of them. Reusable wipes are also great and can be used for years for sticky hands and faces.

A Subscription

There are so many options that come under the subscription category. It could be a TV subscription, a magazine subscription or an audiobook subscription to fill the many hours of feeding, a little treat that arrives in the post, or even a weekly meal delivery.

The Gift of Your Time

If you are close enough why not offer to clean the house, hold the baby while she has a shower, take any older kids out for the day or go to the supermarket for her. Sometimes it’s the little things like having a fridge full of easy to prepare food, or freshly washed sheets on the bed that we really need.

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