What to Avoid When Buying Gifts for Vegans


Vegan Gifts

As vegans, we might be a little picky or even choosy when it comes to what we wear and what we eat. Most of us stay away from leather, fur, wool, and cosmetics containing animal products. While you might agree that is the right thing to do, some non-vegans might disagree. And if you’re a vegan, this is possible that you have been given some gifts which you do not use or like. There are a few things that you might have experienced receiving some unwanted gifts from family members, friends or others.

It’s common for family members and friends to give vegans Christmas gifts that aren’t vegan. It’s not out of a malicious intent, they likely just haven’t considered the implications of their gift purchase.

To avoid subjecting yourself to getting non-vegan gifts every Christmas or on your birthday, it’s important to remind people about the importance of thinking about what we buy and consume as vegans. Most of the time, people are understanding about a vegan’s lifestyle so this should not be a cause for concern. However if you keep on getting the same non-vegan gifts over and over again, then you probably need to have a sit down with the gift sender to discuss and try to resolve the issue.

If you're a thoughtful person and want to send out gifts for every special occasion, it is important to know which of your friends and relatives are vegan to save yourself from that awkward moment of handing a non-vegan gift to a vegan.

Being a vegan is a lifestyle choice and their choices are not limited to food that is free from animal products. You should know that many vegans are working hard to present or develop some cruelty-free products; so, if you’re thinking of giving a vegan friend or family member a gift, it’s better to give something that will support them in their everyday life.

Veganism is a way of living or a lifestyle which seeks to exclude anything that contains or is made from animal products. Though what most people don’t realize is that being vegan is way more than just not eating any animal products. The definition of veganism goes far beyond not eating meat. It means no eggs, dairy, or even honey.

Vegan gifts are easy to find

Buying gifts for your vegan friend is not as difficult as it was a few years ago. The veganism culture has been ever increasing in the past few years. And products that cater to vegans are widely available now. Some stores even have sections for vegan products which makes shopping for vegans easy and simple.

You should be careful with what you buy especially if you’re giving it to a vegan. Not all products are entirely free from animal products so you have to be familiar with ingredients and materials that are considered vegan friendly. There are many online resources that you can use to familiarise yourself with anything vegan. It sounds like a lot of effort but reading labels and knowing the ingredients or materials of the products we use and consume is something we should be doing regardless whether we are vegans or not.

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