What to Get Teachers as a Gift

Teacher Gifts

It’s that time of year again, the end of the school term and the start of the summer holidays. But before your child breaks up, it’s always great to consider a small gift for your child’s favourite teacher. Teachers play a huge part in your child’s life and a small gift to show your thanks and appreciation goes a long way. But what should you get teachers as a gift? Here, we will discuss the best gifts that teachers will like.

Teachers need their caffeine fix and get through many mugs throughout the day. So, why don’t you treat your child’s teacher to a colourful mug to remember your child by? With plenty of designs to choose from, there’s something to suit every teacher. Teachers also like reusable coffee cups that are good for on the go. It makes a very thoughtful gift for a teacher who rarely gets time to finish a hot drink.

Teachers like to relax and unwind; a lovely candle or bath salts can be a great gift to pamper your child’s teacher. The Big Green Tree Pamper Me Spa Kit consists of a detox face mask, a bath melt, and a candle. The gift will create a perfect relaxing atmosphere for your child’s teacher. For bearded male teachers, the Excellent Beard Kit by Big Green Tree which includes beard balm, a comb, and a beard care guide ensures your teacher is all kitted out!

Alternatively, a jute bag is a great go-to gift which is a hit with all teachers. The bags are made of strong material, so your teacher can carry their laptop, all of their books, papers, and stationery. You could even team up with other parents and fill the bag up with treats and supplies from the whole class. You cannot go wrong with this simple yet practical gift.

Personalised Teacher Gifts

Or choose to gift your child’s teacher with something personalised and unique. A homemade card is always a lovely touch so why don’t you pair it with a picture of your child in a photo frame. There are a range of photo frames made of recycled material. So, you’re not only gifting your child’s teacher but also helping the fight against plastic waste. Teachers are bound to like a personalised gift.

Jewellery and accessories make great unique gifts for teachers. A necklace or bracelet made from recycled crayons makes a special and unusual gift that all teachers would like. The jewellery will instantly put a smile on every teachers' face, not just on the last day of school but throughout the next term!

If you’re tight on budget, you can’t go wrong with a simple homemade cake or cookies. The homemade cookies are a great alternative to supermarket chocolates. Your child can have a fun time decorating the cookies with plenty of icing and sprinkles! You could even place the cookies in a jar, add a colourful ribbon and a personalised tag and away you go! Whether male or female, the personal touch will sure make your child’s favourite teacher happy!

Teachers accumulate many mugs and chocolates throughout the year, so why don’t you treat your child’s teacher to a unique gift. With plenty of ideas to choose from, there’s something to suit every teacher!


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