What to Gift a Man Who Has Everything?

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Buying gifts for men can be a daunting task because they never admit to wanting or needing anything. This situation gets harder if he is the type that has it all- so deciding what gift to surprise him with becomes challenging. Nonetheless, Baba Me has many thoughtful gifts for him, so you won’t have to go through the stress of finding the perfect gift.

Quality Eco- ethical gifts for men

We are an eco-green store, and our extensive collection of gifts for men has been sustainably produced and sourced without compromising the environment. Most of our gifts are handmade, and none of them is tested on animals. We also sell a collection of vegan gifts.

If he has everything, keeping it simple will surely surprise him. Here is Baba Me’s list of gift ideas for men who have everything.

1. Water Bottle and reusable coffee cup

A water bottle like the FOSH Active Water Bottle is a simple but classy gift. It is lightweight, so carrying it around won’t be an issue for him. If you want to encourage him to go eco- friendly, the beautifully designed Chilly’s Bottle coffee cups will make an excellent gift.

2. Chocolate

He may have everything, but he doesn’t have a jar of sweet organic chocolate from brands like Willie’s Cacao, Monty Bojangles, Holdsworth, or Chocca Mocca lying around. Throwing in a box of Holdsworth Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fondant Cremes for his birthday or Christmas will surely light up his heart and taste buds. Buy the 5 Wonders of the World Pack to take him on a tasting adventure like no other.

3. Biscuits

Speaking of sweet gifts, a box of delicious biscuits works really well, especially if bought alongside a ‘bigger’ gift. Get him a bag of tasty Buiteman Cheddar Cheese Biscuits or Buiteman Godder and Chilli biscuits alongside the other present you pick up from this list.

4. Socks

No matter how much he has, there will always be space for a new pair of socks, especially if they are as comfy and cute as our collection of Thought socks.

5. Soap

A soap for Christmas or his birthday sounds like an unusual gift, but it is actually a thoughtful one. Getting him a soap doesn’t mean he is a dirty guy- it’s just that some soaps, like the Airmid’s Cedarwood and Eucalyptus soap or their Irish Handmade Green Man soap, are too good a gift to pass.

Shaving soaps too are a good idea.

6. Shaving Kit

Now that we mentioned shaving soaps, a shaving kit is an excellent gift for any man that loves shaving. Well, he probably has one lying around somewhere, but an extra one is a welcome gift. Grab him any of the safety razors by Norse, and he will be a happy man.

7. Grooming Kit

Men with facial hair love their beards. Even if he has everything, any show of care for their beard looks is met with open arms and a wide smile. Buy him a Norse grooming bundle or one from Trevano, and he’ll forever appreciate it.

Final take

While trying to figure out the perfect gift for a man who has everything, remember that you don’t have to go big. Our eco-friendly gifts are enough to put a smile on the face of that special man in your life.


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