What to Look for When Buying a Toy Castle

How Do You Decide Which Toy Castle to Buy?

Toy castles are a bit of a classic when it comes to kids toys. Children love playing with castles, they’re popular with both boys and girls and castle toys work for a wide range of ages.

Castles are steeped in both history and myth. They offer the perfect platform to let their imaginations run wild as knights race across drawbridges, dragons sweep down to protect princesses and cannons are fired to defeat the enemy.

Castles feature in so many of our favourite fairy stories and yet you can also go and see them in real life so it’s easy to understand why they such appeal.

If you are thinking of buying a toy castle here are a few things to help you decide which one to go for.

What Does Your Child Like?

The first and probably most important question is what does your child like? What is in their head when they think of a castle? Is it a medieval castle with a drawbridge and a dungeon? Do they need a tower for the princess? Does it need to be pink?

Parents tend to be the ones who are more concerned with the practicalities or environmental credentials of a toy, and there’s no reason you can’t find a castle that meets all these requirements. But if they have their heart set on princesses and ponies and you give them knights and battlements you may not get the reaction you were hoping for.

How Does Your Child Like to Play?

As well as their aesthetic preferences it’s worth taking into account how your child likes to play. For some children, a working drawbridge, portcullis and medieval weapons will lead to hours of fun while others may prefer more of a dolls house style castle.

We love the Bigjigs Castle train set accessories that are perfect for turning any train set into a medieval world. Or if your little one loves building and being creative you could opt for one of the Tender Leaf Toys sets that can be put together in numerous ways and have the advantage of packing away easily.

When thinking about how they love to play you can also think about any existing toys they have that they might want to include in their castle play. They might already have princesses or dragons or superhero’s that will want to join in the fun so it’s worth considering this when making your choice.

What The Castle is Made From

Generally there are two options when it comes to toys in general and castle toys are no exception. Wood or Plastic. At Baba Me, we make no secret of the fact that we favour wooden toys.

That doesn’t mean plastic is a complete no go and there are some fantastic ethical brands that use plastic. Green Toys, for example, are made from post-consumer recycles plastic milk bottles and are brilliant for outdoor and bath time play.

We have a great range of wooden castles that offer a classic look and a timeless appeal. As well as a great range of figures and accessories.


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