What Tula Baby Carrier Should You Buy

Baby wearing is a wonderful practice with many benefits for both you and your baby. A practice that has been around for thousands of years and is being discovered by more and more people. Deciding on the best baby carrier in general or the best Tula baby carrier specifically is all about assessing which size and style of carrier will best meet your needs.

When deciding on what Tula carrier you should buy you need to think about the size and age of your baby, how long you would ideally like to be carrying for, and who is doing the carrying. Tula makes a range of different carriers. We stock their Classic Carrier, Toddler Carrier and Free To Grow Carrier as well as their 4.6m Woven Wrap. All are excellent carriers and deciding which one to buy should be a fairly simple process once you know what you are looking for.

Ensuring You Choose the Best Baby Carrier

There are so many benefits of baby carrying. Babies cry less, they sleep better, they have better digestion, they bond more with their caregivers and their hip, spine and head development are all supported providing of course you choose an ergonomically designed carrier like the Tula baby carriers or a number of other great brands.

If you have decided on Tula then choosing the best Tula carrier for you depends on the age and weight of your baby as well as personal preferences.

If you have a newborn you may either wish to choose a structured carrier that can be used from birth (depending on the size and weight of your baby), or start with a stretchy wrap or woven wrap to begin with.

If you would like to carry from birth you can opt for either the Standard Tula carrier with the addition of the infant insert or the Free to Grow carrier. The Standard Tula Carrier is a classic carrier that is loved the world over. This is a wonderful ergonomic carrier that is easy to wear and allows for inward-facing front carrying from 3.5kg if you purchase the infant insert or from around 6 months without.

Once your child is around 6 months you can then carry without the insert up until they are around 20kg providing they are not too tall. The back fabric needs to not be below the armpits. When you are deciding if your baby is big enough to be carried in the standard Tula without the insert you need to ensure the back fabric doesn’t rise above the nape of the neck, and that the fabric of the seat does not extend past the knees as babies legs must be able to dangle freely from the knees.

Alternatively you can carry from birth (3.5kg) with the amazing Free To Grow carrier. The Free to Grow carrier has a clever adjustable design to allow you to carry from birth to around 3.5 years making this a really versatile and long-lasting carrier that is hugely popular with new parents.

If you have an older child and are either looking to start or continue your babywearing journey it’s not too late with the fantastic Tula Toddler Carrier. This is a larger carrier that is suitable for toddlers aged around 2 years. They need to fit into age 2-3 trousers to have legs long enough to use this size of carrier safely and comfortably.


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