What's inside a Christmas Eve Box

What's inside a Christmas Eve Box?

If you've started seeing Christmas boxes online and instore you might be intrigued to find out what’s inside. Whilst there are plenty of pre-filled boxes you can buy, we think the perfect Christmas eve box is one you have filled with carefully selected items chosen with the recipient in mind.

While a Christmas eve box can be seen as another excuse for buying gifts (good or bad depending on how you look at it), it can also be a lovely way to package things that you would have bought anyway. And a great way to add to the excitement, ceremony and tradition of Christmas.

So what would you put in your perfect Christmas Eve Box?

Popular inclusions for a Christmas Eve Box

While this isn’t a tradition that has been around for long, especially in the UK, there is already a list of popular inclusions or a Christmas Eve Box. Things that encourage kids to wind down and get ready for bed are high on the list as are items related to the fact that Santa will soon be making an appearance. Here are a few popular choices:

  • Christmas PJ’s - new or not it doesn’t really matter.
  • A Christmas Movie to watch - or a note with the title of a movie to watch on Netflix.
  • Hot Chocolate and marshmallows (or another movie treat) - You can add a mug which can be used every year or a plate or bowl for movie treats.
  • A Chritsmas Story - Just in case they are too excited to fall asleep watching the movie.
  • Things for Santa and his Reindeer - We love a simple carrot for the reindeer and a mince pie for Santa but you could also make reindeer food, add a cute cup or bottle to leave Santa a drink, and even leave a magic key for Father Christmas just in case you don’t have a chimney. You could even include their stocking for them to hang by the fire.


  • Christmas crafts - Keep little hands occupied with a Christmas craft. This could be anything from a gingerbread house to a colouring book.

And of course, there are plenty of other things you could include. A cuddly toy or a cosy blanket for the sofa, a letter from Santa letting them know they made the good list, a Christmas tree decoration so they can start their own collection or a nice relaxing bath bomb.

Grown-up Christmas Eve Boxes

There’s no reason the kids should have all the fun now is there. Grown-up Christmas eve boxes can include the same types of things when it comes to PJ’s, a movie, hot chocolate and treats. And you could put in more adult versions like a bottle of their favourite Christmas eve tipple, a nice Christmas ornament, or foodie treats.

We love the idea of a Christmas eve relaxation box with a candle, bath salts and a good book, or even a massage oil if you are planning to apply it.

For grown-up kids keep the Christmas magic alive even if they aren’t going to be with you Christmas eve and send a box of treats. This could work for anyone else who won’t be home for Christmas. You could include a mini Christmas tree to make wherever they are festive, some homemade treats, something snuggly, a movie, a game, even Christmas crackers (with naff jokes and hats of course).

And if you are worried about the waste here are our ideas for an alternative plastic-free Christmas box.

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