When Can a Baby Use a Playmat?

Baby playmats are probably the most versatile baby accessories you can have in your nursery. You can use it for almost everything - tummy time, playing and more. These playmats are designed for babies and little kids and often come in bright colours with cute illustrations. Baby playmats also come in different sizes, shapes and themes so there is definitely a playmat that fits your baby’s personality and perfect addition to her nursery or playroom.

Playmats can come in handy in different situations. That fact that even if you wanted to, you couldn’t hold your baby 24/7 so there would be at a time that you would put your baby down on a playmat. Playmats come in handy especially if you have other children to tend to or if you do household chores.

Baby playmats are also perfect for tummy time and a good way for babies to exercise for their physical development. It is a spot for any baby to relax, have a good time and play her favourite toys. Babies can work on developing their gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills on a playmat with their toys. Spending tummy time on a playmat also helps babies strengthen their shoulder and neck muscles. Several studies have shown that tummy time helps prevent babies getting a flat head.

When can your baby use a playmat?

Some parents start using playmats from day one. Of course these parents took precautions like using padded cushions to make sure that their babies are lying on a soft surface. Some pediatricians would suggest waiting until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off before you start putting your baby on the playmat for tummy time. But it is highly recommended to ask your doctor about tummy time and the best time to start doing it to your baby.

You can dangle toys in front of your baby and watch her try to reach for the toy. This is good practice that helps strengthen her shoulders and arms.

Generally, most parents start putting their babies on a playmat between ages three to six months. During this time, babies start exploring their surroundings using their hands and mouths. You can try offering her clean household objects like cardboard boxes or even toys like stacking cups. These are good toys for developing fine motor skills.

Are playmats good for tummy time?

Yes, playmats are definitely good for tummy time. All babies need tummy time and there are many ways to do it. One of the most popular ways is to put a baby on a playmat for tummy time.

Tummy time is placing a baby on her stomach while she is awake and under adult supervision. It is an important form of baby exercise because it facilitates a baby’s physical development like strengthening neck and shoulder muscles. One good approach to tummy time is allowing a baby on her stomach for 5 minutes at a time. As soon as she is used to tummy time then make it a bit longer. This boosts tummy time and good mini-work out for babies.


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