When Do Babies Start Playing?

Playing with toys is really essential for babies' development and learning. When they begin to play with their first toys, they will learn more about the world around them and develop different skills.

Babies love playing because it’s a form of exploring their environment, but they’re not just playing around — they’re actually learning while they play. Playing provides opportunities for babies to develop new skills and discover more about the world around them.

All babies play. Playing is the way in which your baby explores, learns about the world and develops his/her skills. It’s recommended that you regularly interact with your baby in play for ten thousand hours from birth through while they’re growing up.

Learning what your baby needs will guide you through what toys to buy for her. But remember, all babies are unique. They learn at different paces. Guidelines and milestones are to be used as guides, not rules.

When should I start playing with my newborn?

No matter what your baby’s age is, you should be playing with her. Babies need lots of playtime to develop properly and grow well. That’s because play encourages your child to grow socially and emotionally, as well as remain physically healthy. So play with your baby every day.

Any activity you do with your baby that can stimulate her senses is considered playing. This is very important because the knowledge a baby acquires during the first years of her life helps to shape her personality and set the basic sense of who she is.

You don’t even need toys to call an activity playing. Even a simple game like peekaboo is already considered playing. And you’d be surprised that your baby is learning while both of you are having fun.

Reading books to your baby before bedtime could also set a pattern. And most babies learn through repetition. Doing so, helps with your baby’s communication and language skills.

When can you introduce your baby to toys?

Babies learn through play, and toys are an important part in a baby's development. While all toys are not made equal, there are suitable options out there to suit everyone's taste. Regardless of your preference, you should make it a point that a baby's toys are safe and age - appropriate.

There are even toys that are suitable for babies from birth. Sure, your baby can’t play with these toys yet but they can help with her development nonetheless.

However, it doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy toys for your newborn. You really don’t need toys during your baby’s first few weeks. During her first two months, everything she touches is a toy. She doesn't need toys yet. But it wouldn’t be hurt if she is surrounded with age appropriate and safe toys though.

A baby might play with a toy for the first time when she's six weeks old. If you give her toys, she'll play with them if they're fun for her. Don't waste money on expensive high-tech gadgets or musical toys that will just take up space in the living room.


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