When Should a Baby Start Using a Tooth Brush

The emergence of a baby’s first tooth is one of many important moments that happen in their first year of life, and a first toothbrush is one of just many things you will have to buy. So if you are planning ahead you might be asking when a baby should start using a toothbrush so you know you can be prepared.

The general advice from the experts is that you should start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as their first tooth emerges. This is because the sugars in milk, or in the food if they are eating solids, can start to erode the enamel of little teeth even before they are fully emerged and certainly before they have a full set.

Therefore your baby should start using a toothbrush when they get their first tooth which can be anywhere from the age of about 4 months old although some babies might not start teething until they are a year old.

It’s important to start brushing when their teeth first start emerging both to look after their teeth and to get into good oral hygiene habits that will ensure they have healthy teeth for life. So as soon as that first tooth pops through, get a nice soft baby toothbrush to start the habit of brushing twice a day.

Experts also suggest that you can start brushing or rather massaging babies gums before they get their first tooth. This not only removes any bacteria but it gets babies used to having their mouths cleaned and can even help if they are teething, especially if you use a washcloth or silicone finger brush that has been in the freezer to chill down nicely.

Can You Wait Until They Have More Teeth?

Although it might be tempting to wait until your baby has more than just the one tooth before you start brushing, experts recommend you don’t delay and start brushing their teeth twice a day from the very first tooth. This helps to protect the enamel as well as making sure they get used to having their teeth brushed and develop good habits.

Do Babies Need To Use Toothpaste?

Again it might seem a bit much to buy toothpaste for a baby that only has one tooth. But the experts do recommend using toothpaste as soon as the first tooth comes through. Although you don’t need to use toothpaste if you are just cleaning their gums before they have teeth.

When they are tiny babies need very little toothpaste, just a tiny smear over the bristles no bigger than a grain of rice. You can increase to a more pea sized amount when they reach three.

As they get older you should encourage your child to spit although this is obviously not possible with a baby. And there is no need to rinse their mouth.

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