When to give Christmas eve box and who is Christmas eve box from

Christmas eve boxes. When to give and who are they from?

Christmas eve boxes are a modern tradition that is rapidly increasing in popularity. The beauty of this box of goodness is that you can make it work for you. You can give one to whoever you wish and put whatever you like in them to suit your existing Christmas eve traditions.

If you always travel to the grandparents on Christmas eve you could put in a onesie for the car journey and snacks to eat on route. If you want to keep the kids entertained while you prep for the big day you can add a movie and hot chocolate. Or if you need to get your other half out of the way while you wrap their presents you could fill a box with pampering essentials and run them a bath.

You could even forget about making dinner on Christmas eve and fill your box with a festive picnic to have in front of your fave festive movie. Complete with drinks for all the family to enjoy.

But when do you give your Christmas Eve Box and who is it from?

When do you give a Christmas eve box?

Obviously the name implies this is a box of goodies for Christmas eve. Although that said there are no hard and fast rules. You could adapt the idea to give at the beginning of advent, or use it as a holiday box full of essential items if you are going away for the Christmas period.

The most common time to give a Christmas eve box is after dinner on Christmas eve. It’s perfect for adding a bit of ceremony to winding down and getting ready for bed and can include everything you need to get ready for Santa including a stocking to hang by the fire or on the end of the bed and a treat for the reindeer.

A movie and a few treats are also popular additions meaning you can all sit down together and unwind, or that mum and dad get a few extra minutes to prep the turkey or do whatever else is needed to get ready for the big day.

Of course, you could also give it at the beginning of the day and have everything you need for a fun day of activities whether that’s making a gingerbread house, going out for an adventure, or a box of decorations to decorate the tree.

If you’re not going to be with the recipient Christmas eve you can hand the box over at any time. Just make sure they know not to open it until the evening before the big day.

Who is the Christmas eve box from?

Your next question might be who is the Christmas eve box from? Is this a mystery gift like a stocking that comes from Santa or is it ok for this one to be from mum and dad or anyone else for that matter?

There certainly appear to be some people who give a box from their Elf on the Shelf (another modern tradition that’s rapidly gaining in popularity) and there’s no reason not to adopt this tradition. This works well if you were thinking of including a letter from Santa.

Essentially it’s up to you what you put in the box and who it’s from. If it’s all about family time and creating traditions then it’s nice for it to come from you. Or it could be something lovely kids can do with their grandparents or a nice way to treat your kids when you no longer get to fill a stocking for them.

Whatever you decide we reckon the most important thing is to make it work for you so it’s a joy rather than additional stress at an already busy time of year. And if you fancy making your own box we've great ideas here.

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