When to Introduce Bath Toys


When to introduce bath toys

When your baby is tiny bath time is about bonding, keeping them clean and the wonderful sensory experience of being surrounded by warm water.

Newborn babies don’t really get that dirty so there’s no need to bath them every day, and in fact, spending too long in the bath can dry their skin. But as they get older bath time can be a wonderful time to connect and bond.

You may find you want to introduce toys for the bath in the first few months but there’s no real need to do this until they are six months plus. However, every child is different so see how you feel.

If bath time is a struggle for your baby or toddler introducing fun new toys and games for the bath can be a great way to get them excited and help make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone and these would be one of the best toys for a 1 year old.

Bath toys for new babies

In the first few months there’s not really any need to introduce bath toys but a simple set of cups that can be used to pour or shower water over them can result in the most delicious giggles and smiles. And a natural rubber teether they can chew on if teeth are coming through also doubles as a great bath toy.

Rubber toys without holes like the Oli and Carol natural rubber toys are great because they are easier to keep clean and you won’t end with mould inside.

Introducing bath toys from 6 months

Around the six-month mark, when babies have good head control, are able to sit up by themselves and are showing more interest in toys generally is a great time to start introducing bath toys.

Having a few toys in the bath makes bathtime fun and is a great opportunity for learning and exploration. At this stage, babies love bright colours, filling and emptying containers, things that float and of course making and playing with bubbles.

Bath toys for toddlers and older children

Once children get a bit older pretty much anything goes when it comes to bath time. So long as toys don’t mind getting wet, definitely no battery toys, and are safe you can choose bath toys according to your child’s interests.

Toys they have anyway can be great bath toys, think ball pit balls, plastic figures or animals, diggers and dump trucks, or a toy tea set.

Boats are always a winner and we love the plan toys and green toys ranges. But cars are also great fun for playing in the bath. The Way to Play flexible road can go just about anywhere and that includes the bathtub and surrounding tiles. And adding a toy like this can really turn bath time around for reluctant washers.

Everyday items as bath toys

There are also plenty of everyday items that make great bath toys. Empty bottles and cups can provide hours of filling and emptying fun, and nothing makes a rain shower quite like a colander.

If you are feeling creative you can make little boats from bottle tops and race them in the bath by blowing them. And old medicine syringes make great water shooters.

With so many options you’ll have a bathroom full of toys in no time. Now the only thing you need to think about is how to store them.

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