Where are Bigjigs Toys Made

Where are Bigjigs Toys Made & Are Bigjigs Toys Sustainable?

Bigjigs is a UK based toy manufacturer, based in Folkestone Kent. Run by the Ireland family Big jigs Toys have been in business for over 20 years!

They are best known for their wooden toys, and someone asked me in the shop, Where are Bigjigs Toys Made & Are They Sustainable?

Where are Bigjigs Toys Made?

Let’s push this straight out there, like most wooden toys worldwide, Bigjigs toys are mainly made in China. They do have a few pieces made in Europe, but the bulk of the toys they sell under the Bigjigs brand are manufactured in several factories in China.

Bigjigs also now own the Tidlo wooden toy brand. Tidlo toys were about 80% made in China with the rest made in wooden toy factories in Europe.

Both of these brands are now mainly made in China in sustainable, ethical factories. 

Are Bigjigs Toys Sustainable?

Generally speaking, wooden toys are going to be a lot more sustainable than plastic toys. However delving deeper we need to consider more than just the core material. A wooden toy is not very sustainable if it comes wrapped in plastic, that kind of defeats the purpose!

Bigjigs Packaging

Bigjigs are making huge strides in recent years to fix any excess packaging and remove plastic packaging from their toy portfolio. At the date of writing this article, they had moved to over 80% of their range packaged in recyclable materials. Further of those, 90% were recycled material. All of their packaging is printed using soy inks.

Bigjigs Material

Most of the wood they use in their toys is made from rubberwood. Rubberwood is a byproduct of rubber or latex production. Once the tree has ended it's useful economic life as a rubber tree, it is felled and used in manufacturing. This is using a waste product. Further all of the trees are in managed forests so are replenished more than they are felled.

Bigjigs Design

Bigjigs have now put environmental sustainability at the forefront of their design. It's been really interesting to see how they have made great strides in this in the last few years. They are now actively designing products to use less packaging, less plastic parts and have less components.

Office & Warehouse

Rather than just be corporate brandwashing, it's fantastic to see that Bigjigs have brought sustainability into all of their business. Their office and warehouse are powered by 216 solar panels (I have major solar panel envy) which have been expertly fitted to generate the most solar power and they are net contributors of electricity to the national grid. 

All of their lighting in their offices and warehouses is now LED energy efficient lighting. All packaging used to send out deliveries is recycled boxes. They now also don’t send any paper statements, everything is emailed out.
So overall, yes Bigjigs toys are sustainable and I look forward to working with them for another 15 years! (though I am waiting for them to redesign their train packaging which they promise me is being done in quarter 1 2020)

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