Where Are Djeco Toys Made?


The majority of Djeco Toys are made in China with some being made in Europe but this says nothing about the quality of the toys or the intricacy of their design.

How Djeco Toys are Designed

The entire Djeco range is designed in house by their huge team of artists and designers, based in Paris, France.

Djeco has a large team of designers dedicated to keeping their hands covered in paint and their heads in the clouds as they dream up more and more beautiful toys. The focus is on freeing the imagination and combining this joy and creativity with the practicality of making toys that are easy to play with.

The beauty of the design hopefully also allows children to dream a little bigger and a little wider, inspiring them to delve into their own creativity and imagination.

At the design stage safety is also of utmost importance along with thinking in detail about how children will play with the toys, the instructions they will need, and little extra details such as educational booklets that enhance their products. But the commitment to safety and quality is only just beginning at this stage.

Djeco Toy Production

As a company Djeco carefully selects their suppliers focussing on many factors including internal organisation, safety testing, the skill of the staff and the quality they produce. Once suppliers are chosen pre-production can begin.

Pre-production samples are then tested in French Laboratories to ensure they conform to European Safety standards.

Once laboratory tests have been passed the toys then get taken back to HQ where the Djeco quality team carry out numerous rigorous checks and compile a detailed quality checklist to be used throughout the production process by inspectors.

During production inspectors visit the factories, list in hand, to check that all points are being met. A detailed report is then produced and any concerns and analysis are completed prior to shipping.

Once production is completed samples are selected from each run to be sent away for laboratory testing to confirm quality and safety standards have been met before shipping.

What are Djeco Toys Made of?

Djeco toys are made from a variety of materials including card and plastic. The puzzles and stacking blocks, for example, are made of a high-quality board that is really durable.

However we have made the decision not to stock certain lines due to the high amounts of plastic in their packaging. Feeling that this doesn’t align with the values we and our customers are aiming to uphold..

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