Where is bumGenius made?


Where is bumGenius made?

bumGenius nappies are made in St.Louis, Missouri USA in the Cotton Babies factory. Some of their microfiber inserts are made in China.

bumGenius has been made in a number of factories worldwide & the story of how they are now made in Missouri is quite an inspiring story!

Jenn Labit, the owner of Cottonbabies who make bumGenius, started the bumgenius brand in December 2003. Herself and her friend, Rebekah, decided they had enough of poor fitting, not perfect nappies and clubbed heads together until they came up with the perfect design. Once they had prototyped the life out of it, they then set about finding a factory to do it.

One thing to comment on about bumGenius nappies is the thought and detail which goes into each nappy. They literally go through about 50 prototypes on each nappy as they fine tune, fine tune, fine tune. It’s what sets them apart from other manufacturers, the sheer attention to detail. Every single stitch is considered, yes seriously, every single stitch. I remember sitting in on a meeting between Jenn & Rebekah where for one hour they discussed the placement of 5 side stitches and came up with 3 different prototypes to test each position.

At the time they launched the version 1 pocket nappy, Jenn had been successfully manufacturing Hemp Babies in St. Louis for about 3 years. Hemp Babies nappy boosters are all made by local women on a piece by piece basis and are still made that way today. These are all Jenn’s mom friends who are able to work from home, around their growing families, whilst making money sewing for Hemp Babies. 

But for the pocket nappy, it was a lot more complex so they needed a factory based solution and they found the perfect facility in Colorado, so a lot of the early nappies were made in Colorado. Whilst at the time of first going there, this facility had about 20 other clients, it soon became clear they had to let those other clients go and just focus on sewing bumGenius as it had become a rip-roaring success. Even so, within a few years BumGenius had outgrown this facility as well and needed more factories to try and keep up with demand.

This is when their Egypt factory, run by Rachel, came online and supplied most of the rest of the world nappies whilst USA was still sourced from their Colorado factories. The Egypt factory was a fair trade employer, offering a fair wage to local people and training them up. It also provided lots of charitable work providing local homeless girls with sewing machines and training. 

Tensions in Egypt made Jenn nervous about being reliant on production there. So after a few years, Jenn realised her one ambition, which she was told she would never be able to do. To open her own sewing facility in St. Louis. All the business experts told her to outsource to cheap foreign labour, but Jenn wanted to be proudly Made in USA and offer local jobs in St.Louis. After about 10 years of planning this facility opened a few years ago and the Egypt production was moved there. Colorado is still going, but the owners are retiring and all of that production will also be moved to St.Louis.

The microfiber inserts are still made in China, as this is where this material is made. Jenn hopes one day to replace them with USA made inserts and knowing Jenn with her drive and passion, this will happen!

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