Where to Start With Grimms Toys

Where to Start With Grimms Toys

So you have discovered the world of wooden toys and you’ve been drawn in by the magical colourful and inspiring world of Grimms.

Toys for Babies

If you are starting your Grimms journey with a small child you might not want to start with a rainbow or one of the big stacking toys that are usually the most common options. Grimms also make some gorgeous baby toys including the gorgeous rainbow grasping toy and some great rattles.

As they get a little bit bigger the gorgeous wooden cars are a fantastic option as is the fabulous push-along horse and the gorgeous elephant.

Then when they get a bit older you can move on to the more obvious choices of the rainbows, building blocks and stacking toys.

Rainbows and Other Building Toys

When most people think of Grimms the first thing they think of is the rainbow. It’s become a pretty iconic toy and demand often outstrips supply. These really are fantastic toys and worth getting your hands on if you can, as not only are they gorgeous to look at they really can be played with in so many ways.

Other great places to start are any of the stacking towers, the Wankel is very popular and we love the boat if you are looking for something a bit different.

And of course if you don’t already have a set of building blocks this is also a really good place to start. The Lion and Elements sets are both utterly gorgeous and are sure to be loved for years and possibly even passed on to future generations.

Something a Bit Different

If you fancy starting with something a bit different there are loads of great options to go for.

  • The Grimms Spirelli, either small or large, is mesmerising for children and adults.
  • The Grimms houses and towers. These beautifully chunky buildings have soft edges and a really natural and organic shape. They are easy for little ones to stack but they also have lots of play potential for older children who can use them to create all sorts of magical worlds.
  • The Grimms Mobile Home. This is a simply gorgeous toy and so unusual. Beautifully made like all their toys it’s a real treasure.
  • The Grimms Friends. These are a fabulous place to start and a great introduction to Grimms and wooden toys in general. They have no faces and no gender so children are able to create their own characters.

Family Celebrations and Rituals

As well as toys Grimms also make a lovely range of celebration rings and decorative items that are perfect for bringing ritual and beauty into our family lives. They can be used to mark the changes of the seasons, to celebrate holidays or birthdays, and to remember loved ones we have lost.

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