Which baby carrier is the best

When recommending the best infant carrier for you and your child there are lots of factors we consider. Your height and build is a consideration, what you intend on using the carrier for, the age of your baby, whether you have any back, shoulder or hip issues or any mobility issues, what duration you intend to use the carrier for. How much experience you have with carriers and whether you have other children can also influence our recommendation. Whether you want to share the carrier with another adult or carry more than one child is also taken into account.

There are hundreds of baby carriers on the market, it can be a confusing world, full of jargon and abbreviations. We try to keep it simple here when helping parents choose carriers. Life has too many complications as it is. A baby carrier in its simplest form is a panel of material that covers baby, which is secured with buckles. After this, there are lots of little differences that can make a big impact on choosing the best baby carrier for you. You might be wondering which baby carrier is easiest to put on? Or which will last you the longest. You’ll likely have heard the names Ergobaby and Tula and seen various carriers priced from £5 to £150. It’s a minefield, we so often have new parents come into the shop completely confused by all the options.

Which baby carrier is the best?

If you forced me to choose one baby carrier that I considered to be better than any other on the market and almost universally suitable to all adults and infants then I would say the Lillebaby Complete would be my choice. This carrier can be adjusted to fit a 7lb baby, right through to a 45lb preschooler without any additional inserts. You can adjust both the width and the height. Carry in 6 different positions; fetal, infant, toddler, world-facing, hip and back. You can adjust the shoulder straps in two different ways so it is great for people with mobility issues. The shoulder straps can be worn rucksack style or crossed depending on what is most comfortable. The lumbar support ensures that weight is spread evenly through the core and the lower back is protected and the deep waistband supports the hips (I found this particularly useful when carrying my toddler whilst heavily pregnant). There is a hood for those bright spells or light rain. A head-support provides additional security while your baby sleeps. There is even a generously sized pocket to stow necessities. This carrier does what it says on the tin, it is Complete. In terms of adjustability to fit adults, I have fitted this carrier for a 5-foot petite mum, and a 6’5” rugby playing dad and everyone in between.

While there are many different carriers on the market, the Lillebaby Complete is our most popular and would be our go-to carrier for new parents and more experienced parents alike. We are happy to recommend the Lillebaby Complete as the best baby carrier, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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