Which bumGenius nappy is best?

Which bumGenius nappy is best?

Overall the bumGenius elemental is the best bumgenius nappy. Let me explain why. There are four different bumGenius nappies within the main bumGenius brand (there are more in the Cottonbabies overall stable if you include flips and elemental joy but let's keep it simple for now). 

The four nappies are bumGenius littles, bumGenius pocket, bumGenius freetime and bumGenius elemental. Each has their own uses and will suit different people and different circumstances better. Here we got into a brief introduction of each nappy and why you would use it.

bumGenius Littles or Newborn

This is the cutest nappy you will ever come across and clearly it is for newborn babies. It originally came with a velcro or hook and loop closure but now comes with snaps and an additional insert. It's made to fit babies from 5lbs to 12lbs so in reality, it won’t last long unless you have a very small baby or twins. I generally recommend it just for moms expecting twins or for those who have small babies. The good thing about bumGenius littles, if you choose to sell them on, they tend to hold their value quite well as they tend to be not that well used.

The bumGenius little is designed for dipping below the navel to allow the belly button to dry out. It's made from microfibre with a stay dry element. The new version includes a cotton insert to provide additional absorbency.

bumGenius Pocket

This is called various names including the bumGenius original, the 5.0 but basically it's their pocket nappy and was the first nappy they designed. This nappy has won numerous gold awards for best nappy over the years and has a ton of patents on it. It fits from 7-35lbs, and whilst a little bulky on a newborn you can adjust the bulk but just using the newborn insert. It comes with a newborn insert and a onesize insert and as your babies grow you can adjust the absorbency accordingly.

This nappy comes apart to dry and dries so quickly, it's ideal for people who don’t have great drying facilities. There is a reason this is probably the most copied nappy in the world, it's great, it works, it's super reliable and it's very quick drying. The only downside is having to stuff your nappies which takes about 5 minutes for 20 odd nappies. Once they are ‘stuffed’ they are good to go! This has a sudecloth liner and microfibre inserts so is not good for people who prefer organic fibres. You can adjust the absorbency and you would need to switch to a hemp based insert for heavy wetters. This nappy is not great for overnight. Overall I would give this nappy 8/10.

bumGenius Freetime

This is an all in one or one piece nappy. Like the pocket it has a suede cloth liner and the absorbency is made from microfiber. It has two flaps (one at either end) which can be folded and adjusted depending on whether you have a girl or boy. It's a very slim nappy and is very quick drying (not as quick as the pocket nappy) and you can put extra absorbency in under the flaps. This is a super easy nappy to use, like all bumGenius diapers it comes with the 3 x 3 snap fastening and the amazing butterfly tabs closures. If you don’t have great drying facilities but want an all in one nappy, you can’t go wrong with this nappy. I would give this nappy 9/10.

bumGenius Elemental

This, like the freetime is an all in one nappy. Whilst they make look the same on the outside, once you open them up you will notice they are very different. This has organic cotton on the inside, lined to the outer and with 2 additional layers. Unlike the Freetime these are sewn in both ends but can be opened up to dry quickly. This nappy is super slim and super absorbent. It's a great all round nappy but it does take longer to dry because of the organic material. This nappy does not suffer from compression wicking like microfiber nappies. Overall I would give this nappy 9.5/10. It is the perfect nappy but loses a half a point for taking longer to dry. If you have poor drying facilities go for the freetime over this nappy.

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