Which Flip Insert Is Best for Me?

Great, you have found out about the Flip nappy system and realise it's a game changer, but now you are unsure about which insert is the one for you? We talk you through all four flip insert options and help you decide which is best for your baby and your household!

The Flip nappy system from bumGenius is a fantastic two piece nappy system. Some people call it a hybrid system because you can use it with disposable inserts, however we prefer to keep things simple and we just call it a two piece system. The flip nappy comes with FOUR flip insert options, but remember you can use the flip waterproof cover over any fitted or flap nappy that you may have. It works super well over flat prefold type nappies and over fitted nappies like little lamb bamboo nappies.

The Flip nappy system allows you to choose which insert you use in your nappy.

The Flip Stay Dry Insert

This comes in two sizes, the normal onesize version and the newborn size. The newborn is a fantastic option to keep those newborn nappies super trim. It’s not very absorbent but in reality you don’t need much for newborns, as you tend to change them very often!

The flip stay dry inserts are made with 2 layers of microfibre and a top layer of suede cloth. They are very thin and very quick drying and we give them a 6/10 for absorbency levels. These are perfect if you have limited drying facilities as they dry so quickly! The suedecloth stay dry layer keeps the baby nice and dry. These are also very very economical! You only need 15-20 of these inserts and a few night time inserts, so you can get a set for less than £100. The stay dry insert comes with sewn ‘marked’ lines, which show you were to fold for small or medium, to correspond to the flip nappy sizes, small, medium or large.

Kathleen told us that she was “converted to cloth once I found these inserts. They are super slim fit and are so easy to wash and dry and use, I love the fact I don’t need an additional fleece layer with them, less faff!”

The Flip Organic Day Insert

The Flip Cotton DAY inserts are made from one layer of organic cotton which opens out to a big large flat sheet. It can be folded any which way you prefer. The benefits of having one layer is that it dries incredibly quickly! These inserts are super soft and super thin and you can layer them up to create additional absorbency. We give these a 8/10 for absorbency levels.

Katie told us: “I was a bit put off at first with the big square, but actually I just fold it in half then in three, it comes up so slim and works so well, I adore it!”

The Flip Organic Night Insert

Made from thick gorgeous organic cotton jersey material these are super soft and very absorbent. Ideal for night time or for heavier wetters. These are slower to dry so we recommend having at least 5 for night times.

The Flip Disposable Hybrid Insert

The flip disposable insert is made from bamboo and potato starch and is degradable. Ideal for holidays, days out or even for when your machine breaks down they make a perfect add on to the flip system. We love them for days when your child is sick and washing is piling up, or even if you have limited access to washing facilities these make a great add on! Genius!


Next Up: Can Bumgenius Flip Be Used as a Night Nappy?

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