Which Lillebaby Carrier Is the Best?

Lillebaby is an American brand of ergonomic baby carriers, designed by Norwegian Lisbeth Lehan and it comes with a few models and many finishes.

The Lillebaby Tie the Knot Baby Wrap

This carrier is ideal for newborns. Like most baby wraps, it's a long stretchy piece of fabric which you wrap around you and your baby. The Lillebaby tie the knot wrap is super lightweight, making it one of the best baby wraps on the market. We love this wrap for feeding in, around the house and just for snuggling newborn babies. This wrap works well up to about 6 months, but like most wraps, they are not comfortable beyond that. This is a very forgiving stretchy wrap, and will let complete beginners put it on imperfectly and still work very well. It's very easy, unlike most stretchy wraps, to retighten in use, meaning you can fix any loose and bad positions without having to wrap all over again.

The Lillebaby Complete

This is the most well known of the Lillebaby carrier range and comes in several finishes including original, airflow, embossed and All Seasons. A fantastic all rounder this carrier is probably the best for everyone and probably the best Lillebaby carrier. I find when doing 1-1 demos in the shop, it's the carrier I pull up first as it will be comfortable and work well for about 99% of the people who try it on. It can be used from newborn right up until about 3.5 years old and you do not need to buy a newborn insert with it.

The complete comes in many options and it is worth considering which finish is best for you. The basic original is better for those in colder climates or in winter. The Airflow is made from breathable mesh and is the best carrier if you are in a hot climate or you are a hot person. It allows cools air to circulate around you and your baby keeping you both cooler. The all seasons offers the best of both worlds and overall I would say that this is probably the best baby carrier. It has an outer layer of cotton, making it ideal for cooler climates or winter. Then you can zip that down in summer or for hotter climates (or just to let some cool air in for a short period).

The Lillebaby Sling

The Lillebaby ring sling is a gorgeous cotton rich sling which is super easy to use and ideal for quick up and downs. I love using ring slings and this one was very easy to use even for beginners. The lovely pad covers the rings ensuring the baby is always comfortable. Ring slings can be used from newborn right up to toddlers, but often for bigger children or for extended trips a more structured carrier is ideal.


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