Which Reusable Nappies Are Best?

Finding the best reusable nappies for you

As with so many things there is no one size fits all when it comes to nappies. Choosing the perfect reusable nappies isn't just about picking your favourite prints for those delicious cloth bum pictures. There are so many brands out there, as well as different systems, and different nappies work for different people, both practically for parents and carers and fit wise for babies.

When choosing your nappies it's well worth looking at a few different brands and considering whether you prefer the sound of a one-piece (all-in-one) system or a system that utilises a waterproof outer (nappy cover) and a variety of styles of absorbent inner nappies.

We would recommend trying a few different brands or styles before you put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. It's well worth checking to see if you have a local nappy library, there are lots about, and loaning a few different styles of nappies, or buying a few different styles/brands if nothing immediately jumps out at you.

And finally if you are new to reusable nappies and find they aren't working for you as you thought might don't give up just yet:

  • Leaks can happen for a number of reasons most of which are easily solvable. You may need to change your washing routine (you might just not have pre-washed enough), you might need to add more absorbency, you might need to change where you position the absorbancy or you may need to find a nappy more suited to the shape of your baby.
  • If you're nappies seem to be taking forever to dry and you just can't keep up you might need to choose a different style of nappie. All in one nappies are wonderfully simple to use but can take longer to dry than foldable inserts that take about as long to dry as a pillowcase.
  • If you love using your reusable nappies at home but find them a hassle when you are out and about or don't have supportive child care, an all-in-one like Bambino Mio or Bumgenius can make all the difference.

Bumgenius real nappies

Bumgenius are our best bestselling real nappies and for good reason. Their all in one birth to potty nappies are about as close to a disposable as it gets when it comes to ease of use, and yet so much better than disposable nappies in so many ways.

The liners are attached but only at one end so you can open out to dry dramatically reducing drying times. The soft elastic is great for containing the mess and preventing leaks, and you can add additional boosters to increase absorbency at night or for heavy wetters.

Flip reusable nappies

We love love love Flip at Baba Me, in fact, we helped design the system so we hope you like it too. Flip is such a versatile system because you can mix up the inserts and tailor them specifically for your needs while using the covers up to 5 times each.

Flip even makes disposable inserts which are perfect if you're going on holiday somewhere without a washing machine, or just really need a break from the laundry for a few days. And if you get really stuck you can fold up a tea towel or even a t-shirt.

Little Lamb Nappies

Little lamb is a well known reusable nappy brand that is affordable and offers a great range. We particularly like their inserts and boosters that can be used with other brands as well.

Petit Lulu Snap-in-one Nappies

Petit Lulu makes incredibly beautiful and practical nappies that use a fantastic snap-in system. Which combines the ease of use of an all in one with the versatility and quick-drying capability of a two-piece system.

And we love that they make cloth sanitary pads for mummy too, as well as makeup pads, breast pads and the most gorgeous reusable wipes.

Next up: How to use reusable nappies.

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