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Wobbel Boards

Once you've realised how much you need a Wobbel board in your life, or your kids do, the next thing you have to do is decide which one to buy. These are beautifully crafted toys that will last and be loved for many many years but they aren't cheap so it makes sense to spend a bit of time choosing the best option for your family.

Wobbel boards come in a number of sizes and colours. You can opt to have one with or without felt and there's even a round dish-shaped Wobbel, the Wobbel 360.

Wobbel or Wobbel 360

When it comes to shape there is the classic wooden arch shape or the newer round Wobbel 360. This unique Wobbel board has a concave shape that allows for fluid movement in all directions.

Wobbel boards are really great for balancing, perfect for ball games, and of course irresistible for spinning. You can expect lots of dizziness and spinning with a Wobbel board. It's great for all sorts of playfulness but the shallow curve means you get less height when you turn it upside down and thus it doesn't act as a stool in quite the same way.

We've found that most people don't choose the Wobbel board 360 first and if you only plan on getting one you'll probably go with the regular shape. Unless of course, you have a child that just loves to sit and spin on a Wobbel board.

Starter, Original or Wobbel XL

If you are opting for the classic rocker Wobbel board shape you then have the option of three sizes. The Original, the XL and the Starter.

Wobbel boards come in a wide range of sizes and choosing between the sizes is really about the age of your children and whether or not you want to be able to use it as well. Although the price may also come into it as they do go up in price as they go up in size.

The smallest Wobbel board is the starter edition and is the perfect first Wobbel board. It's suitable from birth, with adult supervision of course, and ideal for little wobblers as it's smaller and lighter and thus easier to manipulate. This one is designed for smaller children although it can cope with up to 100kg so older children and even adults can join in the fun.

If you child is a bit bigger the next size up is the original. This is a great Wobbel for all ages and can again be used from birth but this time can cope with up to 200kg. This size is recommended for children under 7 years but it's great for older children and adults as well.

If you are buying specifically for an older child, roughly 7 or above, or an adult then you might want to go with this XL. This size is brilliant for adult exercises and you can even find Youtube exercise videos that use the Wobbel as a prop.

To Felt or Not To Felt

Once you have decided on the size of the board (most people will end up opting for the original unless they only have older kids) the next thing to decide is whether or not you want felt.

Having felt is a good idea if you have wooden floors or tiles as the felt protects the Wobbel, your floor and your ears if you have hard floors. However, if you have carpets you might prefer the un-felted option.

The felt is smooth enough that your children can still use the Wobbel for sliding so you don't have to worry about that. And it comes in lots of great colour options as well.

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