Whittard of Chelsea

whittard of chelsea

Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard of Chelsea is a name synonymous with the finest tea.

Whittards to me conjures up afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and clotted cream scones! Whilst the company is best known for the loose leaf teas, they do an impressive range of hot drinks from teas and coffees to herbal infusions, cocoa and white hot chocolate which is lush!

Whittard tea goes back generations, to the original import genius, Walter Whittard. He ensured the best quality black tea leaves went into his tea blends to make the high-quality tea. From there quickly expanded into coffee beans and hot chocolate!

Since Whittard of Chelsea was established in 1886 they have held true to the principle of buying the finest tea, coffee and cocoa from around the world. Known best for their loose leaf tea and infusions we also love their hot chocolates and yummy shortbread.

Buying only from producers who have a responsible approach to their growers and workers conditions these gifts are perfect for the ethical cocoa or tea lover. The Loose Earl Grey Tea Pouch and Infuser makes the perfect treat for afternoon tea with no need for plastic tea bags or even a teapot.

Known best for their loose leaf teas, brewing equipment and fine china Whittard of Chelsea also make a particularly fine range of drinking chocolates. Perfect for when you fancy something a little sweeter and more indulgent than a cup of tea or herbal infusions, no teapot required.

A name now synonymous with afternoon tea Whittard was established with the aim of sourcing the finest tea, coffee and cocoa from around the world. A principle they have stayed true to till this day. Working only with responsible suppliers and ensuring ethical practices for a more sustainable industry.

A company established to source the finest tea, coffee and cocoa from around the world Whittard have become a name synonymous with loose leaf tea. These beautiful tea caddies filled with black tea blends make wonderful gifts for tea lovers and a great alternative to tea bags. The range includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey (perfect for afternoon tea), English Rose or Bergamot and Mango.

If you are looking for unique gifting ideas, look no further than our collection of high quality hot chocolate from Whittard.