Who are bumGenius - The Story Behind the Brand


Who are bumGenius - The Story Behind the Brand

I have been very privileged to have been part of the bumGenius story from the very very beginning, from day one and it's been an amazing story.

bumGenius is owned by Jenn and Jimmy Labit. They also own Cottonbabies, the online natural baby shop and this is really where their story began. Jenn and Jimmy were computer programmers when they got married. When their eldest child, Andrew, came along they suddenly found themselves both made redundant with a newborn baby. To say money was tight was an understatement.

A group of Jenns online friends (one of which is a great friend of mine, and my introduction to Jenn) clubbed together to make things easier for the young family and sent them a load of prefolds to help out. At that time, each week Jenn had to make the decision at the grocery store to either buy food or disposables for her baby, there wasn’t enough money for both. This humbleness has always stayed with Jenn and why, today, she is so passionate about helping all families access cloth nappies. Jenn was also sent a Maya woven wrap to carry Andrew about in.

Jenn was regularly stopped by people and asked about the wrap and soon enough she realised there was a business opportunity. She started carrying business cards and selling the wrap. Every time someone asked, she would give them a business card. Everytime she sold something online, she would include 5 business cards. From that simple idea the story of Cottonbabies evolved.

The early days were hectic as each day, Jenn & Jimmy, would struggle to the local post office to ship their orders. Their excellent product range and customer service, something they are still known for today, meant their business soon flourished and cloth nappy sales were taking off.

Frustrated with some of the current options, Jenn developed her Hemp Babies product line first. These were hemp and organic cotton inserts for nappies, designed to make them last longer, and they really did! My friend (mentioned above), told me to try one, and boom, I was hooked. I was Jenns first European wholesale customer and within a few months she asked me to take over ‘distribution’. Whilst this sounded very lofty, at the time it meant me and one other Finnish customer. But it soon flourished as word of the great inserts spread.

Then Jenn and her friend Rebekah put their minds together. The story is they sat in a room for 3 days until they came up with the perfect nappy. From that the bumGenius pocket 1.0 was born and Jenn sent me a trial one.

I remember being so impressed when I had my youngest, at 2 days old the first bumGenius nappy arrived in Europe for him to try. It fitted him perfectly and it also fitted his brother who was 18 months older than him perfectly. I was so impressed! I knew right then that bumGenius would turn into the huge brand it was as this was the first time a nappy fitted this age gap perfectly.

I went in big, on my first wholesale order, I ordered… 12 nappies! Within 2 years I was ordering container loads each month as word of mouth recommendations meant bumGenius sales skyrocketed.

What made them so unique, and so good, was all the extras Jenn invented. Like the 3 x 3 snappers making them truly onesize and adjustable (their patent but sadly copied worldwide now), the stretchy elastic tabs - again this is the real reason bumGenius work so well, they adjust brilliantly to fit every baby.

That is the quick story behind the brand, of course I could tell you 100 more stories… working with bumGenius for 15 years has been an amazing journey! Watching them grow from that tiny startup to the huge international company they are today is just inspiring. Read next where are bumGenius nappies made! You might be suprised!

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