Who Should Use a Yuuki Cup


The Yuuki cup comes in two sizes and they do a soft version so they really are great for a wide range of users including older and younger women, those who have given birth and those who have not, those who are active and those with more sensitive vaginas.

The Yuuki cup is perfect if you have a light period as it will happily stay in place all day without risk of dryness or infection. But, equally, they are perfect for people with heavy periods as they can collect more liquid than a tampon and so allow for less frequent trips to the bathroom.

Menstrual cups are also the perfect option for environmentally conscious women as they last for years and years, on average your cup should last at least 5 years and up to 15 years. And when it is time to get rid of it silicone cups can be recycled. Menstrual cups save a huge number of tampons or pads from going to landfill every month or worse ending up in the oceans.

They are also incredibly easy to use and clean and take up very little space so they are ideal if you want to be as eco-friendly as possible and don’t fancy washing out reusable pads or period pants.

Can You Use a Yuuki Cup While Pregnant?

No, it is not recommended to use a cup while pregnant. Reusable liners or pads are a good alternative.

Can You Use a Yuuki Cup If You Have Just Given Birth?

No, cups are not recommended for your postpartum bleed. Once your periods resume they are fine to use but you will probably find you need to go up a size.

Can You Use a Yuuki Cup If You Are Menopausal?

Yes you can, and one of the benefits of using a cup is that you can use it even when your periods get very light and infrequent.

Who shouldn’t use a Yuuki Cup?

As mentioned above Yuuki cups are not suitable when you are pregnant or for those who have just given birth. In these instances, we would recommend using reusable sanitary pads, liners or postnatal pads. Reusable pads tend to be much less likely to cause irritation or discomfort than disposable pads and of course they are reusable so there is no waste.

Young women who have not had sexual intercourse may struggle to insert the cup at first although this will get easier with time. And they may benefit from using the softer cup to begin with or choosing reusable sanitary pads or period pants.

It is also worth noting that not everyone will find they are able to comfortably wear a cup for their entire period. Your cervix changes height during your cycle so you might find that a cup is perfectly comfortable some days and not others.

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