Who to Give Christmas Gifts To

How do you decide who to give Christmas gifts to?

Christmas is coming and unless you are a child writing a Christmas list your gift list is more about figuring out who you are buying for and what you’re going to get them.

If you have kids they probably make the list, especially if they’re still children. But beyond that who do you have on your Christmas list?

Personally I love gift-giving and really enjoy buying presents for people I love and appreciate. The thing is I always wish I had more money to spend, and I often fall into the trap of buying token gifts for people because I feel I should buy them something rather than because I’ve genuinely found something I think they’ll love.

And that’s one of the trickiest things about writing that Christmas list. There are always people you want to buy for that you probably shouldn’t, and people you feel you should buy for that you probably don’t want to.

Keeping the list manageable

A few years ago my family decided that instead of all buying each other gifts we would do a family secret Santa. Children were not included and you could obviously still buy your partner a gift but otherwise, each person was allocated one person to buy for with a budget of up to £40. So instead of having 10 people to buy gifts for I had 1 (or 2 if you add in my husbands pick).

I’m not going to lie I struggled with this slightly, especially as I had already bought gifts for my sisters. But overall it was a great idea and a great way to cut down on both pressure and budget. And much nicer than simply saying no gifts as we all had something to open on Christmas day.

This is also something you could do with friends, and even suggest your children do with their classmates. Having an agreed-on budget also stops any social awkwardness around value.

Obligatory gifts

The likelihood is we all have people on our Christmas list that aren’t family or friends. Teachers at school, the postman or bin men, the lovely lady next door that always buys a present for your cat, your boss, the work secret Santa etc. Or people that are friends or family but you only buy for because they buy for you or your kids.

Gift giving seems to come with a set of unwritten rules that determine who we buy for and how much we spend. We all have these rules inside us, trouble is they are different for everyone.

Some people feel that gifts should always be reciprocated others will happily give a gift while genuinely expecting nothing in return. Obviously this doesn’t extend to children or people you are thanking like teachers and the dustcart driver. And people also have expectations surrounding the value, or perceived value of the gift.

If you are someone that can’t be given a gift without giving in return it might be wise to have a little stash of generic gifts on hand. Or simply practice being delighted by an unexpected gift without feeling guilty.

And once you have your list how do you decide what to buy, especially how many gifts you should give to kids?

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