Why a Sofa Throw or Blanket Could be the Perfect Gift

There are many reasons why buying an ethical sofa throw or blanket could be the perfect gift. They are a great gift for people who don’t like or can’t eat chocolate. They are a good option for those with sensitive skin who can’t use toiletries and bath treats. They aren’t gender specific, and make great couples gifts. And we don’t think you can ever have too many blankets.

A Great Alternative to Toiletries or Edible Gifts

Unless you have a specific gift in mind for someone it’s pretty easy to fall back on the classic options of toiletries or consumables. They are a great way to treat someone, and generally most people are delighted by something indulgent or delicious to eat or drink or nice bath treats to pamper themselves with.

However allergies and intolerances are fairly common and for people with dietary requirements or sensitive skin it can be really good to have some other options in mind. Candles are a popular choice but even that can be tricky if people have strong scent preferences, and of course you can’t buy someone a candle over and over again.

Throws and blankets can make a great gift as they are generally suitable for everyone (some people have allergies to wool or synthetic fibers) and they are very versatile in their uses.

You can use a throw on the sofa to add colour and texture, or update your decor. You can use it to cuddle up in front of a movie or the fire. You can use a blanket outdoors when you are having a picnic or to cover your shoulders in the evening. And you can even use them in the bedroom for decoration or to add an extra layer of warmth.

They also make a great gift for couples so could be a perfect wedding or anniversary gift or an easy way of buying a joint gift for Christmas.

Ethical and Sustainable

As well as being very versatile and suitable for pretty much anyone, kids included, sofa throws and blankets also make the perfect ethical gift. All our throws and blankets are carefully chosen for their ethical credentials and well as their beauty and comfort.

These throws are fairly traded meaning that the people who make them are being paid fairly for the work they are doing. As well that we have chosen companies that are committed to their environmental sustainability.

We love the ReSpiin throws that are made from post consumer recycled wool and wool mix clothing. Clothes are collected at recycling centers, broken down and rewoven into fibres without being bleached or dyed, so the colours you get are from the original clothing. The resulting fabric is a minimum 65% wool and ideal for keeping you warm.

The recycled PET throws also make great gifts. They are very affordable and made from recycled plastic bottles that are bought from children who collect them from the street. Meaning they are a great way of both providing income and dealing with plastic waste.


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