Why Are Baby Toys Black and White

Why are baby toys black and white?

So, not all toys for babies are black and white. In fact, most of them are either bright colours or pastel shades. But there are plenty of black and white books and toys available for babies, especially those aimed at newborns. So why?

The simple answer is that babies only see in black and white (or grey) until they are around three months old. And even up to a year there are still limitations to their vision meaning they respond best to high contrast and bold patterns.

Why black and white toys are good for babies development

High contrast black and white toys can be highly beneficial for your child’s development. Seeing toys, books or decorations in black and white stimulates their vision and helps them determine shapes and patterns. Thus making them great for cognitive development.

Because babies can see them clearly black and white toys and images also help bubba’s lengthen their attention span and improve memory and recognition.

Giving babies lots of interesting things to look at when they are tiny also helps to increase curiosity and develop their central nervous system.

Monochrome toys and decor are a great starting point for your collection as they are gender neutral so you can start buying before you meet the little one and easily pass them on to friends and family. Plus black and white goes with everything so it’s easy to add in colour when you’re ready.

The first colour babies see is red, which is why many black and white toys also incorporate red. And they will be able to see the full spectrum of colours by the time they are around 5 months old. So it’s not necessary to only have black and white toys.

Some of our favourite monochrome toys

Grimms have a wonderful range of monochrome toys and decorations that are perfect for newborns. We love the bunting to string up in a nursery, and you can never go wrong with a rainbow. It’s the perfect stacking toy when kids get bigger and a beautiful bit of decor when they are tiny.

The three men in a boat make a great toy for little ones. It stimulates vision and cognitive development when they are tiny and is an engaging toy that develops hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities as they grow.

Black and white books are also perfect for babies and it’s never too early to start reading to your child. Bold shapes, high contrast patterns and faces are best for really tiny tots. And they’ll love hearing your voice and learning to associate words to the things they see.

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