Why Are Grimms Toys So Popular

Why Are Grimms Toys So Popular

It seems that sometimes certain brands, be it water bottles, trainers, face creams, nappies or toys achieve a kind of cult following and become insanely popular. In the world of wooden toys, Grimms Toys are one of those brands.

But what is it about the Brand and the toys that they create that have won the hearts of so many children and parents?

Grimms Toys Tick All The Boxes

Part of the appeal of Grimms is that for many people Grimms Toys tick all (or at least most) of the boxes they are looking for when it comes to buying toys for their precious offspring.

They are beautiful, natural, handcrafted, appeal to a wide age range meaning they will last for years, they can be played with in lots of different ways, they are great quality and they have an excellent resale value.

High Quality Toys

Grimms are a family company that has built and maintained a reputation for creating beautiful toys that are the highest quality. Each toy is designed to inspire children’s creativity and imagination. They are visually attractive, to the point where they are almost pieces of art and we know plenty of parents who have bought themselves Grimms purely for the beauty of them and reluctantly allow their kids to play with them if they promise to be very careful.

Their commitment to quality is evidenced not only in the toys they produce but also in the way they produce them. Woodwork happens in carefully chosen independent workshops, the largest of which is in Bosnia and run by a former employee.

Everything else from design to colouring, finishing, assembly and packaging happens at their HQ.

Responsibly Made

Made of wood that is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed European forests Grimms toys are also wonderfully tactile. They leave the surface slightly rough to allow toys to be stacked together and for the grain and stories of the wood to be able to be clearly seen. And while it’s a hard thing to describe there really is something very different about playing with natural wooden toys compared to plastic toys.

As well as using responsibly sourced wood they only use non-toxic water-based paints and they are committed to treating their workers well.

Multi-Functional Toys

Grimms toys are also designed with open-ended play in mind. The idea is that it is not the toys that dictate the play but the children. They are passive toys that can be used in multiple ways, including to make the room look beautiful at the end of the day.

This means that the same toy can be played with by a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old and even a 10-year-old. Sure they will play with them in different ways and if they are not used to wooden toys they might need a few ideas, but really these toys are so versatile and that is most certainly one of the reasons they are so popular.

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