Why Buy a Toy Shopping Trolley

With so many amazing toys available it can be hard to pick which ones to buy. Role play toys such as a toy shopping cart, toy market stall, or  kids cleaning set might not seem like the most exciting toys but children love them and they come with some great benefits when it comes to education and development.

There Are Benefits to Choosing Simple Toys

While electronic toys can be very compelling, drawing children in with their bright colours and flashing lights, they often lack some of the most valuable characteristics we should be looking for in toys we choose for our children.

One of the characteristics of wooden toys such as a shopping trolley, a set of building blocks, play food, or a train set is that they are passive toys as opposed to active toys. Passive toys only respond when children manipulate them, children need to engage their imagination and connect with the toy. In contrast, active toys encourage children to be passive, relying on the toy to entertain them.

Toys that encourage connection and imagination might not appear so instantly exciting but they are in fact hugely beneficial for children. They encourage a much more active form of play and learning, they spark the imagination, encourage exploration and can generally be used in a variety of ways.

The Importance of Role Play

Role play toys are both fun, children love nothing more than pretending to be little grown-ups, as well as great for development.

Playing role play games, such as taking a trip to the shops, is not just a fun game. While playing children are also developing their skills and making sense of the world. When children act out their experiences they are developing language, communication and social skills. They are solving problems and using their imaginations to think creatively.

So while it might seem strange to us that children would want to pretend to clean or go shopping, they actually gain really valuable skills from this type of play.

Different Ways to Use a Toy Shopping Trolley

If you have children of different ages then you’ll be pleased to know that a wooden shopping trolley can also make a great baby walker for little ones finding their feet and can be a great prop for educational games as children get older.

As children get older you can bring lots of numeracy and literacy into shopping role-play games that can really help children understand and implement the things they are learning at school.

Play food and an imaginary trip to the shops can also be a great way to talk about healthy food choices and help children think about the things they might choose when they go shopping with you.

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