Why Do Children Love Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales and Why Children Love Them

Children are fascinated with fairy tales. They love to hear stories about fairies, mythical creatures, princes and princesses and almost anything about magic. These characters make children feel that anything is possible. They are drawn into these stories and transport them into places they could never really go. These stories allow children to feel a wide range of emotions - happiness, fear, excitement and sadness. Most of the time these stories carry valuable lessons with them. They are told to pass along wisdom, cultural identity and world-view.

Fairy tales are actually good for early learning and development

Child experts and educators suggest that sharing fairy tales with little children helps build their writing and reading comprehension skills. Fairy tales can also be used to introduce certain topics and let children see various things in different lenses.

Fairy tales are often comforting and optimistic which open up a new world for children and allow them to think about real life problems and give them hope to some extent. If children hear fairy tales all the time, they will be able to gain basic understanding about story structure. This helps their reading comprehension and they will be able to enjoy stories more.

Moral lessons are tried and true foundations of good fairy tales. These lessons are often wrapped in entertaining and fascinating stories that sound familiar. They teach children how to behave and how not to behave.

One of the best ways to remember these lessons is through memorable fairy tales story telling. Fairy tales are often about values, relationships, society and themes about good versus evil. Little children first learn about these wonderful stories through being read during bedtime storytelling and they experience the same joy and emotions as they rediscover these same beloved stories when they start going to school. Fairy tales stay and endure with our children as they grow older while building memories along the way.

Some fairy tales prepare our children about the realities of life which sounds ironic. Life is not always happy and inevitably, they will face different kinds of challenges as they navigate through life. These stories also teach children that they do not always get what they want and sometimes life gives you lemons. Children can also relate and connect to the characters of fairy tales and that sort of connection helps them face challenges and obstacles.

Fairy tales have frequently been treated as a piece of amusement and entertainment, particularly as simple distraction for kids. But they are often provocative, disdainful and dominated by male characters. However as of late, their significance, themes and complex subjects in contemporary times have been questioned.

Another fascinating thing about fairy tales is that it has endured with the passing of time. Some fairy tales were lost in translation with the details altered to fit certain cultural norms and perceptions. But the lessons they teach and the essence of enchantment are still the same. Other fairy tales are even deliberately altered to become pertinent to modern tastes, morals and preferences.


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