Why Simple Wooden Animal Toys Are Better for Your Child?

Wooden animal toys are some of the best toys for children. They’re popular because children can see animals in different forms of media like children’s books and television shows. They are what many consider as open-ended toys because they can be played in so many ways.

So let’s take a look at reasons why you should choose simple toys over battery-operated ones.

Quality & Price

These sophisticated toys are also expensive. Toy companies are dedicated to making money which is why the majority of them create all sorts of unnecessary toys. They make their toys more tempting by adding features that can easily catch a child’s attention. They even employ marketing techniques to sell us on the idea that their toys are a must-have and many parents fall victim to these marketing hype.

Simple toys, on the other hand, do not carry a hefty price tag. In fact, most of them are quite affordable now that many parents are opting for toys that offer exceptional entertainment and developmental value. These toys are often made from responsibly sourced materials like wood. You can see the quality and craftsmanship on most of these toys like the animal toys from two of our trusted brands - Holtztiger and Tender Leaf Toys.

Developmental Value

Battery-operated toys often do more things which hinder a child’s physical and mental development. Children do less with a toy that does more. These toys do not facilitate learning like simple toys do.

Expanding a child’s creativity and imagination at an early age is important because this development stage is considered to be momentary. Simple toys like wooden animal toys are great for role-playing which plays an essential role to a child’s early development. Children learn through play and when children engage in role-playing they use their imagination and creativity. They can create worlds filled with animals. Playing with simple toys provides a risk-free environment for children to explore new ideas and practice different roles.

Wooden animal toys are simple toys that facilitate independence and interaction with others. Of course, your child can play with these toys alone but they’re more fun with friends. When playing with others, children can build empathy towards others as they learn how to deal and react with different emotions. Acting out scenarios with others help children learn how to express themselves effectively as well as expand their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.

These wooden animals are designed with your child in mind. Your children’s tiny hands can easily grasp and manipulate these toys. They can arrange them however they want and move them around as easily. While playing with these toys, children develop their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. These are essential skills that children need to develop at an early age for them to perform simple tasks when they grow older. It also prepares them for what they will be doing at school like writing and colouring.


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