Why Some Stores Have Kids Shopping Trolleys

toy shopping trolley

Why Getting Kids to Help With The Shopping Is More Than Just For Fun

Pushing a shopping trolley around the supermarket can be fun, even for a grown-up, so itís no wonder kids love them. And while other shoppers might occasionally get a fright and even a bit of a knock as a shopping cart wielding 4-year-old comes around the corner just below eye level, most children take real pride in being trusted to help with the shopping.

If you can keep your child occupied while you shop thatís a win. Letís face it, most children arenít that keen on walking calmly next to the trolley so once they are too big to fit in the trolley shopping with children becomes as much about keeping them with you, engaged and behaving as it is actually filling the trolley with food.

But on top of keeping them occupied giving children a shopping trolley of their own can really help them become engaged in the shopping process including making healthy food choices, and feeling like they have a bit of autonomy over what they eat.

Giving children responsibility and getting them to help you with the shopping is a great way for them to learn and you could even give them their own list letting them choose which apples they want, how many bananas, which flavour crisps and whether they fancy pasta or pizza for dinner.

On top of the food and fun related benefits actually pushing and steering a trolley around the store is good for a childís development as well. Kids can improve their spatial awareness build gross motor skills and strength as well as learning valuable social skills such as being courteous to other shoppers, waiting for their turn, and planning their route.

Why Stores Introduce Mini Shopping Trolleys

The reasons for stores introducing them in the first place are most likely about encouraging customer loyalty, and for parents with children if your child prefers a specific supermarket then thereís every chance youíll end up going there more often.

Parents may also prefer a store where they feel they are welcome with there children and what could be more welcoming than the provision of child-sized trolleys to keep your kids busy and engaged while you shop.

Of course, thereís always a flip side. Children, while they are great at learning arenít always going to put things in their trolley that you actually want to buy for them. Meaning itís quite likely that youíll have to take a few items out before you get to the checkout and this can easily cause upset and more stress at the tills.

Then thereís the fact that while pushing a trolley is a great way for kids to learn supermarket etiquette and get better at steering sometimes they are bound to end up bashing into the shelves or even other shoppers. So de[pending on the child you might decide to avoid the mini shopping trolleys if theyíre in a particularly rambunctious mood.

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