Why Use a Baby Carrier

You may be a new or expectant parent and see on the must-buy list a baby carrier and wonder why use one? You may consider using a pram, a baby carrier or both. A carrier shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand as an unnecessary extravagance, in my experience a baby carrier can be a sanity saver!

Why use a baby carrier

Babies feel comfortable when they are close to you. They have just been evicted from a warm, peaceful womb into a cold noisy world. They had previously heard mum’s heartbeat as a constant background noise for 9 months and find that familiar and comforting. They enjoy being close to your chest, hearing your heart beating and find it soothing. In a baby carrier, they can hear your heartbeat and feel warm against you. This helps to calm your baby, it also helps them sleep, as a bonus, babies who sleep whilst in carriers tend to sleep longer and more deeply, so you have more time to spend doing other things. A carrier with head support can be really useful, we can help you discover which baby carrier is best.

Babies learn by looking at their carer’s faces. In a carrier, they are in an optimum position to see your face and hear you talking. The familiar sound of your voice will comfort them, while they pick up on your facial expressions and fulfil their very earliest educational needs.

Some babies don’t like being in prams. You might have spent a small fortune on a baby carriage with every imaginable feature, but some babies hate being in prams. I had a baby who would scream as soon as he woke in a pram and I would be left holding him in my arms while pushing the empty buggy around the shopping center. Several shopping trips were cut short due to aching arms.

Some places just aren’t suitable for a pram. If you live in an apartment with no lift (or one regularly out of service) then consider tackling the stairs with a buggy and a small baby. If you live somewhere with cobbled streets or very narrow aisles in shops, a baby carrier is really useful.

Use a baby carrier for stairs

The view from a baby carrier is exceptional! All the other babies being pushed about in a pram at the zoo are taking in spectacular views of hedges and walls, the child in the baby carrier is able to see everything the grown-ups can!

Using a baby carrier expends less energy than carrying in your arms. You can use a baby carrier for six times longer than you can carry a baby in your arms without feeling pain. The baby’s weight is spread evenly through your core rather than being concentrated in one area.

When you use a baby carrier you have two free hands. You can walk the dog, do the groceries, vacuum the house, or you could enjoy a coffee and a cake while your baby sleeps on your chest. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, James Bond and Thor both use baby carriers. I don’t think I need to say more!

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