Why Use a Natural Moisturiser?

Hydrate, Nourish and Protect with a Natural Moisturiser

We've carefully chosen the best natural skincare brands that make highly effective products, packed full of powerful natural ingredients that are gentle to both your skin and the planet. Whether your skin is dry, oily or anything in between we have the perfect natural moisturiser to keep you looking your best. Including creams that are perfect for eczema and psoriasis and gentle enough for the whole family.

Natural Moisturiser

When we have our babies, we stroke and kiss their soft peachy skin. We want to protect their skin with natural products and wouldn't dream of using any harsh chemicals on them.

We should be choosing natural products for ourselves too.

Our skin absorbs anything that is put onto it and it doesn't make sense to use anything other than natural skin care. Organic ingredients sink rapidly into the skin and deliver active natural ingredients directly to where they can be used best. Our skin reacts very well to plant-based ingredients and we should harness the power of nature in our skin care products.

We are bombarded daily with free radicals in the polluted air around us. These free radicals sit on our skin and cause damage. we can't see or feel them and the only way we can deal with them is to use a good skin cleanser and a protective moisturiser. Free radicals can damage the skin by trying to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When atoms are taken away from molecules in the skin, it causes damage to our skin's DNA that can speed along skin ageing.

Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are also caused by UV light. It's important that we protect our skin from UV light and decrease any risk of skin cancer by using the correct SPF moisturiser. UV light will alter skin tone, can cause dark spots and leave permanent damage. Choosing a moisturiser with a sun protection factor is a wise move, especially when we know that we are exposed to UV light even on cloudy days. Using an SPF moisturiser means that you are protected every day.

All skin types need face moisturiser. Moisturised skin is healthy skin and you need to keep it hydrated to prevent cracks and damage to skin cells that can be a route to infection.

What can an Organic moisturiser offer?

A natural moisturiser or Organic moisturiser offers powerful ingredients that are beneficial to your skin whilst being kind to your body.

Hyaluronic acid is common in skin care and it's a fatty acid that the body makes naturally. Why would you choose a synthetic version when there are natural versions available? It's a powerful anti ageing tool that will leave skin hydrated and feel healthy. Shea butter is known worldwide for its moisturising properties. It is perfect for dry skin or sensitive skin and can be used from newborn.

Coconut oil is another natural moisturising lotion. It absorbs easily into your skin and can be mixed with essential oils to make scented or treatment moisturising lotion.

Many of the natural ingredients in organic moisturisers are very potent treatments for the skin and will work to balance and brighten your skin.

Benefits for Oily Skin

Oily skin and Acne-prone skin can also benefit from a moisturiser. When skin is stripped of its natural oil, the sebaceous glands go into overdrive to pump out more oil. You use a harsh cleanser to remove the oil and yet it becomes more oily again. It' a vicious circle. Using a good natural cleanser will help to break that cycle, follow up with organic moisturiser and you can re-balance an out of control oily skin.

Choose a moisturiser with a mattifying effect and you can reduce shine. Your aim is to let your skin realise it is actually hydrated and not in need of more oil. The sebaceous glands that produce the oil will start to reduce the amount being produced. We are confident that you can get a really good result from using our re-balancing skin care products.

We have carefully selected the best moisturisers we can find to help address your skin care needs. Our range of natural moisturisers suits all budgets and most importantly, moisturisers that will deliver results and work for you and your family.

All of our Natural and Organic skin care is Cruelty-free and often Vegan. We aim to help you be more environmentally friendly by bringing you products that are made locally to reduce air miles and carbon footprint. Our health and beauty products come in either recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packing where possible.


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