Why Use A Soap Dish?


Soap Dishes

If you have made the switch to bar soap, and there are many good reasons to do so, then you should also consider using a wooden soap dish both to keep your soap in the best condition and to prevent your surfaces getting covered in soap residue.

Why Switch to Bar Soap?

Obviously you only need a wooden soap dish if you are using actual bars of soap as opposed to bottles of liquid soap. However, there are some really good reasons why you might decide to make the switch.

First and foremost bar soap is better for the environment. We are probably all washing our hands a lot more than we used to and that means even more plastic bottles that may or may not get recycled. Plastic pollution is a problem that is escalating worldwide and one of the simplest things we can do to tackle the problem is by buying less plastic.

The alternatives are to use a refill service where you buy a plastic bottle once and keep refilling it. Or to switch to a plastic free alternative… bars of soap.

The other benefit of using bar soap is that it tends to be gentler to your skin which again is a big plus if you’re washing your hands multiple extra times during the day. It’s generally easier to find 100% natural bars of soap than it is to find 100% natural liquid soap and it tends to be less expensive as well.

Why You Should Use a Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden soap dishes are great because they protect your bath, sink or counter tops from being covered in soap residue which can be a pain to clean up, they stop the soap slipping off the side and into the bath or sink, and wooden soap dishes allow your soap to dry out more effectively between uses.

We particularly rate wooden or bamboo for a number of reasons.

They are better than plastic because they are made from a renewable resource, and let's face it if you are switching to bars of soap to reduce your use of plastic then the last thing you want is more plastic in the bathroom. However if you already have a plastic soap dish keep using it until you need a replacement.

They are better than metal again because they are made from a renewable resource but also because metal and water are not the best of friends and so you might find your metal soap dish ends up rusting over time.

They are better than ceramic dishes because they are more durable and less likely to get broken if they accidentally get knocked on the floor. Not an issue for everyone but certainly something to consider if you have kids.

Getting a soap dish that is designed to allow water to drain away from the bar will prolong the life of your bar of soap by letting it dry out between uses.


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