Why You Should Buy Soy Candles


For many people, it is very easy to see why they made a switch from paraffin candles to a more natural and eco-friendly alternative, soy candles. There are many reasons to choose soy candles over paraffin. Soy candles are a clean, natural and environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin candles. People want green products which still look and feel like luxury products like soy wax candles. They want candles that burn longer for their money, yet never drip or smoke.With soy wax’s chemical composition allows soy candles to burn up to twice as longer as a paraffin candle but without any harmful, toxic fumes or soot residue.

Sustainability, ecology, and environmental friendliness are at the heart of any soy candles. Using soy wax made from non GMO sources, essential oils, and natural fragrances to create the perfect smelling candle. Soy candles are made from sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and materials. Soy wax is a natural paraffin wax alternative, often grown in many parts of the world. This renewable natural resource has been utilized to make candles for many years.

Soy candles are healthier and more environmentally friendly than regular candles. Soy candles are also bio-degradable and made from natural wax, which means they do not release toxins into the air when burning like other products do. They burn cleaner than paraffin candles and the scent from soy candles is much stronger and more pleasant than the scent from paraffin wax candles. Soy candles usually have a truer fragrance because they’re made with real essential oils. By contrast, paraffin candles are made with petroleum based waxes and therefore have a low melting point. This often means that your paraffin candle loses its fragrance before it melts all of the way down.

Soy candles burn cleaner than regular paraffin candles because soy wax is a vegetable wax. The wax is extracted from soybean oil and is completely biodegradable. Most soy candles contain no additives, chemicals or toxins unlike paraffin candles. This makes soy candles not only cleaner for the environment but also healthier for you and your family. These candles are long lasting and come in a large variety of fragrance choices which allows you to find one that fits your style.

They create less soot and last longer than traditional scented candles do, and are also safer to use. Soy wax is derived from soy beans and has a cleaner burning effect on votives than paraffin wax does. It can be used for any type of candle making, as well as any other crafts that would require a soft, malleable wax. Which makes soy wax a staple in candle making and other things around the house in general.

If you like smelling scents, then you might also enjoy the numerous pleasant odours and scents that can be captured in soy candles. As a matter of fact, they not just smell great, but they are also known to help improve your mood and make you relax after a long day. Soy is often better in terms of quality than paraffin scent wax, as well.


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