Why You Should Buy Wooden Baby Toys?

With so many different baby toys to choose from, sometimes it’s overwhelming and challenging for parents to decide what to buy for their precious little ones. The toys we give to our babies should be fun, durable and most importantly safe for them to play. While plastic baby toys are widely available, wooden baby toys are far better in terms of safety and developmental value.

If you are still on the fence about buying wooden baby toys, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should buy them instead of their plastic counterpart.


The baby’s safety is one of the primary concerns of parents. Wooden baby toys are safer than plastic baby toys. Plastic baby toys contain many toxic chemicals like PVC or polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, BPA or bisphenol-A. Some of these chemicals are known to be hormone disruptors and are linked to serious health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and more. Babies have very sensitive bodies so make sure that you are allowing them to play with the safest toys especially if they stick objects and toys into their mouths.

Moreover, cheap plastic toys are likely to break into pieces easily, potentially causing injuries to your baby. Wood is sturdy and offers less risk of breakage than plastic.


Wooden baby toys are made from wooden materials which are some of the world’s most sustainable and renewable resources. The production of plastic uses too much of our planet’s resources. Not to mention the energy and resources that are being used to transport and dispose of plastic.

Talking about disposal, wooden baby toys which are made from wood naturally break down faster than plastic. Plastic takes a very long time perhaps thousands of years before it starts to break down. Our planet is already littered with too much plastic waste and adding more to it could cause irreparable damage. Sure, there are recycling plants that recycle plastic products including plastic toys but there are only few of them.

So instead of adding to the plastic waste that is already piling up in landfills, you can buy wooden baby toys instead. You are doing your part in preserving our planet’s resources every time you buy a sustainable product like wooden baby toys. Remember that wooden baby toys are a much more eco-friendly option than plastic. Even as simple as buying wooden baby toys can have huge implications to our environment and it is a one of the ways of setting our babies on a path of sustainable living.


Wooden baby toys have been around for many years and they remained staples in every nursery and playrooms around the world. These toys have a timeless appeal and some families even consider them as heirloom toys that they can pass down from generation to the next.

Most wooden baby toys have simple designs and they often come in bright colours. These toys could double as nursery decorations for their aesthetic and simplicity. Once your baby is done playing with these wooden baby toys and has moved on to different toys, you can definitely use them as decoration.


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