Why You Should Choose to Reuse and Join the Refill Revolution

Why you should choose to reuse and join the refill revolution-1Choose to reuse

We might be seeing a rise in reusable water bottles, with brands like Chilly’s Bottles, FOSH, and Klean Kanteen leading the way with their stylish, practical and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. But we still have a long way to go.

Research carried out by Zenith showed that UK consumption of bottled water actually increased by 7% in 2018, put down to the effect of a hot summer, giving us reason to believe that we still need to shout about choosing to reuse.

Choose a bottle that you love the look of. Choose a bottle that’s the perfect size for you. Choose a bottle that fits in your handbag. Choose a different bottle for every day of the week if that helps. And make you have it with you.

Every time to choose to reuse you:

  • Reduce plastic waste - over 7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year in the UK. That’s insane. But every time you refill instead of buying a plastic bottle that’s one less bottle stopped at source.
  • Save money - It might only be 50p at a time but it soon adds up and it’s likely to be a lot more than 50p. Yes buying a reusable bottle has a cost but stainless steel bottles last for years so there’s plenty of opportunities to save.
  • Protect the planet - The environmental impact of bottled water isn’t just the single-use plastic that it comes in. It takes approximately 2 litres of water to make a plastic bottle, energy is required and CO2 is produced.

Join the refill revolution

The are many reasons people might end up buying a bottle of water when they are out and about, many of which can be avoided with a decent reusable bottle (or 3) and the use of the refill app.

One reason you might buy water is that you just really want an ice-cold drink. Water that has been in your bag all day or sitting in a stainless steel bottle next to you in the sun for an hour can be less than appealing when you need to cool off.

If you are a fan of icy water we recommend you get an insulated bottle like one of the Chilly’s bottles. These super stylish stainless steel bottles keep water ice-cold for 24 hours even on really hot days. And with more and more refill points available you should be able to refill easily if you need extra hydration.

We understand that not everyone likes drinking water straight out of a tap, but thankfully there are now more and more refill points providing filtered water so keep your eyes peeled or use the refill app.

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