Why You Should Get Your Kids Into Gardening

Gardening is more than just planting flowering plants. It’s a way for us humans to explore the workings of nature. Getting your children interested in gardening at an early age teaches them important life lessons and skills that are often overlooked in a school setting. It also brings them closer to nature while they are still developing and could shape what kind of person they are going to become when they grow older.

Children love to explore their surroundings and they find joy in discovering things. Even as simple as planting seeds or watering the plants can bring a smile into your children’s faces because gardening is fun.

Gardening provides a safe environment for children to learn about nature and develop fundamental skills. It is also a way for family members to bond together.

Healthy Eating Habits

Gardening is a healthy and inexpensive way for you to bond and have fun with your kids at home. Studies suggest that little children eat vegetables if they get to grow their own food and they are more likely to develop healthy eating habits. They are more likely to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables that they grow. Eating healthy foods helps them build resistances against certain illnesses and gets them the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Children think that the food they eat at home just magically appears every day in the produce section of their local supermarket. Through gardening, they will gain a much better understanding of the process of growing food that goes into the table.

It is recommended to talk about gardening as you eat your own produce. You can ask your children how they feel about eating food that they grow themselves and if they are proud of their effort. Give them a compliment for their accomplishment and encourage them to continue gardening.


Gardening creates a lot of mess and children love that. There is more to gardening than just planting seeds and watering plants. Your children can mix their own compost, dig planting holes and search for earthworms. They can even make their own mud pies. You can buy gardening tools for kids like a kiddie spade to get them started. Also, be sure to mix up your child’s garden assignment to keep things interesting and exciting for them. For instance, today ask them to rake fallen leaves and then the next day ask them to dig plant holes.

Reduces stress and a good way to exercise

Gardening is a fun way to exercise and reduce stress. Some people even find gardening as a calming activity. You can share this experience with your children too. You always feel at peace whenever you are working with nature. If your children are having a tough day at school, you can invite them into your backyard and you can garden together. Sharing this activity with your children makes them feel loved and appreciated. They will learn how to deal with stress when they become adults.


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