Why You Should Use Reusable Cotton Pads

Why You Should Use Reusable Makeup Pads

They may be part of our daily lives, and great at helping us take off our makeup at the end of the day, but environmentally speaking cotton wool pads are bad news. Luckily reusable cotton pads offer a practical and affordable alternative that is infinitely better for the planet.

Not only do the cotton pads themselves end up in landfill (they can't be recycled) but the packaging they come in has to be disposed of as well. And although cotton pads may be made of cotton, unless they are organic there will still have been plenty of pesticides and vast quantities of water used to grow the cotton and additional chemicals used while making the pads.

Reusable makeup wipes are:

  • A great alternative to cotton wool balls, cotton pads and makeup wipes.
  • Easy to use, you just have to wash them with your usual laundry.
  • A great step towards zero waste living for you and your family.
  • A great way to save money as well as the environment over time despite costing more when you make the initial purchase.
  • Easy to make, providing you have a sewing machine, and easy to buy if not.

Making the Switch to Reusable Face Pads

As with any change you make, especially when switching to eco-friendly alternatives, the transition will be easiest if you have all the facts.

You will need to think about how many reusable cotton pads you will need. You can decide this based on the number of pads you use a day and how often you use the washing machine. So if you use 4 pads a day and wash roughly every 3 days you'll want to start with 12-16 pads. If you wash daily and only use two a day then a 4-6 might be plenty.

And it's not just the pads you'll need. You will also want a little wet bag if you aren't going to be washing them every day and a mesh bag to protect them in the machine.

Finally you should think about the material of the pads and if you would prefer a super soft Minky or jersey fabric, a gentle microfibre or a more exfoliating terry. Many pads will have a different texture on each side which is perfect if you prefer smooth and gentle for your delicate eye area and a little more exfoliation for the rest of your face.

Can you use reusable cotton pads for nail polish?

If you don't just use your cotton pads for makeup but use them to take off your nail polish as well then you'll probably be wondering if a reusable alternative will work.

Our advice is to have one reusable wipe that you keep for this purpose, and ideally, one that is a darker colour as the nail polish will stain the pad.

Potential disadvantages of reusable makeup wipes

One obvious disadvantage is that you have to clean them and that certain makeup stains can be hard to get out. You need to make sure you have enough to last you between washes, and you need to make sure you wash them fairly frequently to make sure they don't go funky.

Another potential disadvantage is the cost. Although they will save you money over time the initial outlay is much more than a packet of single-use cotton pads which can make it hard for those with a limited disposable income to make the switch.

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