Will Baby Clothes Fit a Doll?

Do Baby Clothes Fit Dolls?

Most of us have a few favourite baby clothes we’ve kept because we can’t quite bear to get rid of them and some will have bags of baby clothes saved for a future sibling. So if your little ones are getting into dolls you may just find you have some perfect doll clothing items already hidden away without the need to buy expensive outfits just for the doll.


Of course not all doll clothes will fit all baby dolls but many baby dolls will fit into some of those baby clothes you’ve been saving, especially if you have any tiny baby clothes. And some of the bigger baby dolls like the Rubens babies will fit in newborn styles perfectly.

Doll manufacturers usually make a range of delicious little outfits for their baby dolls that you can buy separately so your little one can have fun dressing up their dolls or just have a spare change of clothes when one gets dirty and needs to be washed. But before you go and buy a load of new outfits specifically for their dolls you might want to check your baby's old clothes first.

If you had a tiny baby you may have some tiny baby clothes that are perfect for baby dolls up to about 18 inches or 45cm. This would include the Rubens Barn Babies and for some items of clothing the large BigJigs rag dolls that are 38cm.

The Rubens Barn baby dolls will also often fit into baby clothes as well as they have big cuddly bums. And of course, baby dolls are never quite the same shape as real babies so baby clothes might not fit as well as clothing you buy specifically. Although this is often much more true to life. Many babies start out in adorable little suits that have to be rolled up at the sleeves and so there’s no reason why dolls shouldn’t rock that look as well.

For bigger baby dolls newborn clothes and even 0-3 month clothes are ideal, and for smaller dolls, you might need to make a few adjustments. We’ve found that a bit of stick-on velcro can convert a baby vest to a dolls vest brilliantly, and of course, the velcro is a bit easier for toddlers to fasten than poppers.

It’s also worth thinking about the style. Baby clothes like little leggings and tops are often more likely to fit than all in one suit, especially as it’s much easier to roll up the bottoms when the feet aren’t sewn in.

If you happened to cloth bum your babies newborn size nappies can also be given a new lease of life for dolls. Keeping just a couple of your favourites can be a lovely thing for your children to play with and a lovely reminder of just how tiny they once were.


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