Ethically produced Wobbel Balance Boards for open ended play.

A Wobbel Board is really nothing more than a beautifully constructed wooden board with a curve, and yet it is so much more!  It's an invitation to play for both the body and the mind. It can challenge and inspire at every age. It's a boat, a cave, a cosy bed, a rocking chair, a mountain, a slide, a handy step to reach the counter and a road way for cars. It's a piece of furniture and a toy. Great for relaxation of exercise. 

Wobbel - More than Just a Wooden Balance Board

Give a Wobbel to a child and it has the possibility to become so much more. As soon as you get one you'll discover that everyone loves to Wobbel!

What is a Wobbel Balance Board?

I know loads of you will have heard about as we have been talking about them for a while now at Baba Me so this blog will give you a quick rundown and some ideas on all the possibilities!

Basically a Wobbel Board is a large wooden curved board that is smooth with no joints. It is for children to sit, rock, stand or play on and has no limitations (only an adult"s imagination!) I"ve never heard of a child asking for instructions on what to do with these Waldorf style open ended wooden toys. I know a lot of Baba Me customers are new to the idea of open ended toys and so I decided to write this to help you figure out how you are going to sneak one of these Balance Boards in without anyone noticing why these boards are a must have for every family! So, 5 ways to Wobbel, I love reading comments on my posts so if you have any other ideas please let me know!

5 Ways to Wobbel " Baba Me & Balance Boards

  1.  Just Rock the Wobbel Board.

    Children love these boards to rock on while standing, lying down or sitting. It builds strength and confidence in little people. When they first start they may tire easily as they are engaging their whole body to balance, but soon you will notice they rock for longer and longer. You can make a game out of timing them, although that would have driven my kid"s nuts. Let them rock! Rocking would also be really therapeutic to children on the Autism Spectrum or those who just can"t sit still!

  2. Wobbel Bridges, Tunnels and Roads

    The joy of the Wobbel Board is that it can really be used for anything. There are no limitations to all the things it can become for your kids. A huge bridge perfect or walking wooden animals over, as part of an elaborate road the Wobbel Board loves having cars driven over its back. Stack up some blocks and make a tunnel leading up to the Wobbel. Your kids can lie on top and run cars through the other side. Animals looking to cross a river, enter the Wobbel! The Wobbel Board can be used outside though if yours has felt or cork on the bottom take care not to get it wet! Why not add some lovely Ostheimer Toys as pictured here into the mix for hours of open ended play. Holztiger are wonderful too!

  3. Family games (mayhem!) with the Wobbel Boards

    We bought a Wobbel before Xmas to test it out in our house, any excuse right?! My 2 boys loved it! It wasn"t all cupcakes, Christmas Carols and hugs but we did enjoy normal family time together! Here are some ideas to get you started. We threw bean bags from my sons magic set to each other, the person on the Wobbel had to catch the bags " no easy feat! I took one of the popular Djeco Magnetic Fishing Games home from work one day and we took it in turns to try hook a fish on the magnetic rod while balancing on the Wobbel. Mr Baba Me was great at this, the kids walked away after a while and he stayed to complete the puzzle".. If you have smaller people in your home you could put an easel or chalkboard in front of the Wobbel and take turns to try and write your names. These activities will need an adult to supervise but they are perfect for a relaxed family time or the next rainy day!

  4. Rest, Read & Relax on your Wobbel Boards

    Sometimes little people just like to relax! Do nothing, laze about knowing they have nowhere to go, nothing to do. Enter the Wobbel! Why not try out a few yoga moves yourself on the sitting room carpet and give your little girl or boy the chance to copy you. Throw a blanket and a pillow on the Wobbel and make a little nest for them to chill out in. Some paper on a clip board and a tub of crayons would be lovely for open ended creativity while they can relax and move about freely. Little people love to just throw themselves on things and explore what ways their bodies can bend, the Wobbel is the perfect platform.

  5. Balance, Balance, Balance (or wobble) on your Wobbel! 

    Balance is "an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady". Kids have to learn how to balance before they can move on to other skills like skipping, climbing up stairs and hopping. Using a Wobbel Board helps kids improve their core strength, build their flexibility and develop their balance " it takes practice! You can start using the Wobbel Board with your newborn by gently sitting on it and rocking to relax you both. As your little one learns new skills and wants to explore the world further they can climb on and off the Wobbel Board themselves. They work best on hard floors but can be used on any surface.

What age should you give your child a Wobbel Balance Board and what size?

As of now there are now several different sized Wobbel boards in the range, including a Wobbel board for a doll! For a very young child, we suggest starting with the Wobbel Starter Board. For a familly with children spread over a large age gap, the XL Wobbel is fantastic. We also recommend XL for children aged 6+ and adults if you have the space, they are large! For all children aged 2-5 then go for the Original Wobbel Board. We have plenty of stock of all sizes so shop today in confidence knowing the fun you will have, and if your child is interested.

Balance boards are overal a fantastic way for all to play, learn and exercise. Get up on one yourself and do an inner leg work out, or build some core muscle strength. Once you bring one into your life, the whole family can enjoy them, and you will begin to wonder how you ever did without! They are on the of the best new products we have seen in about 10 years! They are suitable for everyone of all ages and there is no wrong way of playing with them. They promote natural movement and natural fun making them a fantastic investment for your growing family.

What Age Is a Wobbel Board For

The real beauty of the Wobbel, apart from the simple aesthetic, is that it is a toy that works for all ages. This simple laminated wooden curve is whatever you want it to be, and that means that it’s just as appealing to most adults as it is to children.

Like many Waldorf inspired toys the Wobbel is designed to be open-ended with no prescription as to how it should be played with. Meaning that although it’s obviously a great rocker board its also a fantastic dinosaur cave, and an awesome car ramp.

Suitable for all ages the Wobbel will be played with in different ways by a toddler and a teenager. But both can build strength, flexibility and balance as they play. And even the very young and old can enjoy this great balance board.

Wobbel Board - Suitable From Birth

Most of the Wobbel boards are certified as suitable from birth, with supervision, the exception being those with the cork backing as bits of this could be picked off by little ones.

While babies obviously can’t make full use of the wobbel as they can’t stand up and balance on it they can still use it in a number of ways. It makes a lovely place to snuggle up and be gently rocked and they can use it the other way up for a bit of climbing practice. Just make sure you stay close.

Choosing The Size of Your Wobbel

While the Wobbel is great for all ages, you might choose differently depending on the age of the child (or adult) you are buying for.

The Wobbel Original is roughly 90cm long and 30cm wide and certified up to 200kg so it’s great for children and adults with plenty of space for big feet. Both adults and children will enjoy rocking on this one and children are able to us it from a young age.

The Starter Wobbel is a smaller and lighter version of the original that is certified for up to 100kg and measures approximately 70 x 27.5 cm. It’s great for younger children but if you have older kids you might be better of choosing the original. The shorter length makes it more stable for little ones to use but it might start to feel too small as they get older.

The Wobbel XL is quite a bit bigger than the others measuring 115 by 40cm and is recommended for children over the age of 7. Before this age, the XL might be a bit cumbersome. But if you do have younger children as well they will still have lots of fun playing with it and will certainly grow into it.

The XL is also probably the best option if you are looking for an adult balance board for exercise as the longer length gives more options for exercise and stretches.

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