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Balance Boards

The Wobbel board might seem like it's just a curved bit of wood, and essentially it is albeit a very precisely engineered one, but balance boards are so much more than that. These balance boards have been carefully designed and expertly crafted to provide a toy that will improve strength and inspire imaginations.

Not only are balance boards great for rocking and wobbling on, which is a fantastic way of building balance and coordination as well as engaging almost every muscle in the body, including lots that you don't use very often, but balance boards are also a fabulous open-ended toy that can be used in lots of other ways.

We've seen a wobble board being used as a boat, a hoverboard, a sledge, a shield, the wall or the roof of a den, a ramp, a bridge, an ocean, a mountain, a marble run, a slide and many many more things. Because the thing is, what looks like a curved bit of wood to an adult can be almost anything in the imagination of a child.

And wobble balance boards are not just for kids. They really are great fun, and beneficial for every member of the family. Go for the biggest one and you can easily use it for a fun aerobic session or yoga class while the kids aren't playing with it. Plus it's a great way to get the whole family, grandparents included, up on their feet and playing together.

Different Wobble Board Options

When buying a wobble board there are lots of different options to choose from. Firstly you need to decide if you want the standard rocker boards design or the round 360 version, or perhaps both. The rocker is the most popular option but there are lots of fun things you can do with the 360.

Then if you need to decide if you want felt backing or plain wood. The felted back helps protect both the balance board and your floors and is particularly recommended if you don't have carpeted floors. You can of course use a non-felted board on hard floors, especially if you have rugs, but using them directly on wooden or another hard flooring is more likely to lead to marks and divots in the surface of the board.

On the other hand if you wanted to use the wobbel as a slide of the sofa it's much more slippery without the felt.

Finally if you are opting for the rocker board shape you need to choose your size. The Wobbel comes in three sizes, the starter board which is a perfect toddler balance board and great for younger children, the standard which is the original and still by far the most popular option, or the XL which is particularly good for older children and adults.

Both the standard and XL can hold up to 200kg making them easily strong enough for adult use, however, if you are particularly keen on using your Wobbel for yoga then you might prefer the bigger size of the XL.


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